22 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

22-No-Carve-Ways-to-Decorate-a-Pumpkin-624x891I absolutely adore Halloween and the entire fall season, but not for the same reason as my kids. In fact, I kinda hate all the things about the holiday that they seem to love. Trick-or-Treating annoys me. Costumes make me crazy. And, Jack-O-Lanterns? Ick!

Carving pumpkins makes me squeamish. It’s messy, it’s challenging, and they never last long enough to make it worth all the work. Over the years, we’ve attempted a variety of non-carving ideas to decorate our pumpkins. The girls have stickered, painted, and hammered, but we always come back to carving pumpkins.

I’m convinced we just haven’t landed on the right method to grab their attention yet. So, I went on a Pinterest hunt for awesome no-carve solutions. The cool thing about these decorating techniques is you can even buy fake, crafting pumpkins to enjoy your creation year after year.

Here are 22 amazing ideas for decorating pumpkins:

  • Fabric Wrapped 1 of 22
    This is a simple way to make your pumpkin decor stand out. Simply wrap in your favorite fabrics for a soft look.
    Read more at Two Succulent Sisters
  • Duct Taped 2 of 22
    I have seen several versions of the duct taped pumpkin, and with the wide variety of designs available, you can do just about anything!
    Read more at The Viv Spot
  • Addressed 3 of 22
    You'll need to use fake pumpkins to create the topiary, but you could also paint your house number on real pumpkins and line them up. Super cute!
    Read more at Mom Advice
  • Googly Eyes 4 of 22
    Kids love googly eyes, right? I really think the girls will go for the chance to create their monster pumpkin.
    Read more at All You
  • Hardware Face 5 of 22
    Raid the junk drawer for your next Jack-O-Lantern! I love the idea of using spare hardware to create your own look.
    Read more at Lowe's
  • Glittered 6 of 22
    Oh, glitter. The hubby will just love this one! In all seriousness, the girls will truly love glitter bombing pumpkins.
    Read more at Yesterday's Sweetheart
  • Candy Dispenser 7 of 22
    Even though this one does involve cutting holes in the pumpkin, I think you can skip the gutting phase.
    Read more at Martha Stewart
  • Ombre 8 of 22
    Here's a fun, trendy twist on painting pumpkins. It makes me remember the candy corn pumpkins I saw a few weeks ago.
    Read more at Funky Time
  • Spiderwebs 9 of 22
    I love this simple design for painting pumpkins. The attached creepy crawlies give it an even spookier feel.
    Read more at Shauna Glen
  • Striped 10 of 22
    Here's another cool way to paint your pumpking — work with the stripes that already exist!
    Read more at Wit and Whistle
  • Candied Pumpkin 11 of 22
    This candy-decorated pumpkin reminds me of gingerbread houses. Of course, in our house, the poor guy would be picked clean by Halloween.
    Read more at Hershey's
  • Wired 12 of 22
    This is another cool hardware-inspired design. I believe 12-gauge wire should do the trick!
    Read more at Curbly
  • Henna Tattooed 13 of 22
    Ooh, puffy paint! Why didn't I think of that? This is a cool henna-inspired pumpkin, but turning the kids loose with puffy paint should give us fun results.
    Read more at Think Crafts
  • Ribbon Striped 14 of 22
    This one is super simple and so sweet. Just glue ribbons down the side of your pumpkin.
    Read more at Kraft
  • Mod Podged 15 of 22
    I love the idea of adding other natural items to your pumpkins. Use mod podge to seal leaves directly to the pumpkin.
    Read more at Budget Wise Home
  • Painted Designs 16 of 22
    Get a little creative with your paint and stencils, tape or stickers.
    Read more at Anyone Can Decorate
  • Chalkboard Jack-O-Lantern 17 of 22
    Can't decide on a jack-o-lantern face? Paint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint, and you can redesign it every day!
    Read more at Hip Hip Hooray
  • Laced 18 of 22
    Black lace gives pumpkins a creepy look. Drape lace from the top to look like vines or cut your lace like a spiderweb for some spooky fun.
    Read more at Country Living
  • Inspired 19 of 22
    Attach letters to your pumpkins for inspiring or spooky phrases for the season.
    Read more at Ode to Inspiration
  • Bedazzled Monogram 20 of 22
    Nail head tacks can be hammered right into the pumpkin without carving it. This monogram is nice and simple, but feel free to let your imagination run wild.
    Read more at All in a Day
  • Sparkled 21 of 22
    Epsom salt and glue are all you'll need to make your pumpkins really sparkle! How cool is that?
    Read more at Davis Dy by Day
  • Sequined 22 of 22
    If you really like the sparkle, take it a step further with sequins. I can't believe this awesome pumpkin took her just minutes to create!
    Read more at Swell Designer

Looking for pumpkin carving templates? Visit Spoonful.com for ideas!


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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