22 Terrific Topiary Ideas

Sure, a topiary used to mean spending a lot of time pruning, guiding and training your shrubs to look ‘just so.’ But you don’t need to have live plants to make a striking topiary.

Instead, you can try one of these trendy topiary — or topiary-inspired — decorating projects to liven up your home. Some are seasonal; others are great for any time of year. Topiaries can be perfect for a porch, where it’s hard to fill all that vertical space. Or they might add some needed height to a tablescape. And topiaries are perfect centerpieces for parties!

Get some great topiary ideas after the break!

  • Ornament Topiary 1 of 22
    Ornament Topiary
    This great idea brings a dash of the holidays in some of-the-moment colors to your home.
    See how it's done at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Party Topiary 2 of 22
    Party Topiary
    bring some fun and height to your kids' party "tablescape" with this great idea.
    Make it festive at It's Always A Party at the Parkers
  • Pumpkin Topiary 3 of 22
    Pumpkin Topiary
    Don't let your Hallowe'en and fall decorations be earthbound.
    Get some height! See how at Stone Gable
  • Trick or Treat Topiary 4 of 22
    Trick or Treat Topiary
    This fun Hallowe'en idea brings the bright colors of candy corn to your decor.
    Check it out at Crafty Sisters
  • Simple Present Topiary 5 of 22
    Simple Present Topiary
    Here's a great holiday decorating idea that adds color and gets those brightly colored wrappings out from under the tree.
    Learn how at That Village House
  • Jelly Bean Topiaries 6 of 22
    Jelly Bean Topiaries
    Who doesn't like jelly beans? Make a sweet Easter/spring topiary in bright pastels.
    Find out more at Crafty Sisters
  • Topiary Place Cards 7 of 22
    Topiary Place Cards
    Label your tables -- or even places -- with this green idea.
    Learn more at Favor Studio
  • Frilled Candy Corn Topiary 8 of 22
    Frilled Candy Corn Topiary
    It's a giant candy corn, providing a whimsical pop of Hallowe'en color to your space.
    See how it's done at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Ribbon Egg Topiary 9 of 22
    Ribbon Egg Topiary
    Here's a great Easter/Spring decoration that puts a lot of color in your space from a small space.
    Get the wrap at She's {Kinda} Crafty
  • Balloon Topiary 10 of 22
    Balloon Topiary
    Don't take your time blowing up balloons when you can make this cute topiary instead.
    Inflate the fun at your next party: from So Cute Parties
  • Christmas Topiary 11 of 22
    Christmas Topiary
    Add some shine and color to your holiday decor with this cute idea.
    Learn how at Fingerprints on the Fridge
  • Flowered Burlap Topiary 12 of 22
    Flowered Burlap Topiary
    Bring the spring indoors with these bright and beautiful topiaries. (Even the pots pop with color!)
    Learn how at tatertots & jello
  • Parasol Topiaries 13 of 22
    Parasol Topiaries
    You'll have to drink a lot of tropical beverages to make this project -- or just get a package of these bright umbrellas at the store and bring the sunshine in.
    Learn how at Hostess with the Mostess
  • Christmas Gift Topiaries 14 of 22
    Christmas Gift Topiaries
    Build towering, terrific topiaries in any color to match your Holiday decor.
    Learn how at Lucy Designs
  • Fall Candy Corn Topiary 15 of 22
    Fall Candy Corn Topiary
    Make this whimiscal adaptation of the classic Hallowe'en candy corn decor.
    Learn more at Under the Table and Dreaming
  • White Topiaries 16 of 22
    White Topiaries
    Bring the purity and pop of bright white to your tables and decorations with this idea.
    Learn more at Timeless Paper
  • Gingerbread Topiary 17 of 22
    Gingerbread Topiary
    It's like a gingerbread house, but prettier! Make a pretty tree for your holiday decor instead.
    Learn more Christmas Artificial Trees
  • Star Topiaries 18 of 22
    Star Topiaries
    Choose red, white, and blue for a patriotic look, or choose other seasonal colors in these neat star shapes.
    Learn more at Simply Designing
  • Peppermint Topiaries 19 of 22
    Peppermint Topiaries
    Build topiaries with this minty-fresh pink and white pattern.
    Learn more at Martha Stewart Weddings
  • Peeps Topiary 20 of 22
    Peeps Topiary
    Here's a great idea for those ubiquitous Easter treats -- don't eat them, decorate with them!
    Find out more at The hungry Moose
  • Valentine Topiary 21 of 22
    Valentine Topiary
    This Valentine's themed topiary mixes the traditional red and white with a neat contrasting black.
    Learn more at Less Cake {More Frosting}
  • Feather Topiary 22 of 22
    Feather Topiary
    Here's an elegant Valentine's topiary that puts a fresh twist on the hear shape.
    Learn how at Organize Your Stuff Now

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