23 Awesome DIY Party Supplies!

Two of my favorite things combined: parties and DIY! Sometimes the party supplies at the store just don’t cut it or match our creative party throwing plans. If that’s the case, make your own! Here are 23 fantastic DIY party supplies for your next shindig.

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  • Paper Lantern Garland 2 of 24
    Paper Lantern Garland
    Make this for a party or just because it's cute.
    See it here on Oh Happy Day.
  • Napkin Flags 3 of 24
    Napkin Flags
    These little flags are made from napkins! Love it.
    See it here on Studio DIY.
  • Cloud Straws 4 of 24
    Cloud Straws
    Paper punch the shape and then add a hole in the center for the straws. Easy and so fun.
    See it here on Fiskars.
  • Candy Pouches 5 of 24
    Candy Pouches
    Your guests will love these little candy pouch party favors.
    See it here on Make it Lovely.
  • Ombre Number 6 of 24
    Ombre Number
    If you have coffee filters hanging around, you should definitely make this!
    See it here on Lowes.
  • Animal Decor 7 of 24
    Animal Decor
    Snag your kid's old banged up animals and give them new life as party decor with a fresh coat of paint.
    See it here on Oh Joy.
  • Napkin Garland 8 of 24
    Napkin Garland
    Make a garland using napkins. Genius!
    See it here on Studio DIY.
  • Pom Pom Tablecloth 9 of 24
    Pom Pom Tablecloth
    This tablecloth is just adorable. I love it, so much.
    See it here on The Sweetest Occasion.
  • Tissued Lanterns 10 of 24
    Tissued Lanterns
    Buy some plain paper lanterns and add your own spin with some tissue paper.
    See it here on Hank & Hunt.
  • Straw Garland 11 of 24
    Straw Garland
    These are amazing.So, so rad.
    See it here on A Subtle Revelry.
  • Chalkboard Hats 12 of 24
    Chalkboard Hats
    Make these for your guests to decorate with messages, their names or a drawing.
    See it here on A Subtle Revelry.
  • Fringey Drink Stirrers 13 of 24
    Fringey Drink Stirrers
    Pretty little sticks made from cupcake liners!
    See it here on Studio DIY.
  • Splattered Balloons 14 of 24
    Splattered Balloons
    And you should make these because hey are just fun. They would be amazing for a little kids artist party!
    See it here on Studio DIY.
  • Mini Fringe Garland 15 of 24
    Mini Fringe Garland
    With just a few supplies you can make this cute little garland in no time!
    See it here on Studio DIY.
  • Confetti Hats 16 of 24
    Confetti Hats
    Maybe the cutest party hat known to the DIY world. So clever.
    See it here on Oh Happy Day.
  • Animal Candles 17 of 24
    Animal Candles
    Plain candles are just so boring compared to this rad candle holder!
    See it here on The Sweetest Occasion.
  • Balloon Place Cards 18 of 24
    Balloon Place Cards
    A fun and clever way to use place cards. I'm definitely doing this at our next bash.
    See it here on Oh Happy Day.
  • Fringey Balloons 19 of 24
    Fringey Balloons
    Make your own fringe balloons to add some pizazz to your party.
    See it here on Ardor.
  • Washi Tape Decor 20 of 24
    Washi Tape Decor
    Ah, washi tape. So colorful and fun. Make your own party decor using your favorite tape and some imagination.
    See it here on Remodelista.
  • Code Label Spoons 21 of 24
    Code Label Spoons
    Office supplies have never looked so good! This is genius.
    See it here on Sara Hearts.
  • Chalkboard Drink Stirrers 22 of 24
    Chalkboard Drink Stirrers
    Your guests can write their names on these stirrers to keep track of their drinks.
    See it here on Poppy Mag.
  • Perfect Confetti 23 of 24
    Perfect Confetti
    If you need confetti but can't find the colors you want in the ready-made sort, try making your own using this simple tip.
    See it here on Ardor.
  • Pinatas! 24 of 24
    Of course, it wouldn't be a party without a pinata! Make your own like these ice cream cones for a sweet touch.
    See it here on Oh Happy Day.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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