23 Creative Painted Hardwood Solutions

Hardwood accents in your home can be a tricky thing, yes? If your hardwoods haven’t been meticulously maintained, they can become quite the eyesore. And sometimes a grand refinishing just isn’t in the budget.

But have you ever considered paint?

Controversial, yes, but such an impact! And so much fun! Painted hardwoods is one of my favorite design tricks. I’ve collected some of my favorite painted hardwood inspiration images. Click on through, you might just find the courage you need to go and buy some paint already!

  • Painted Green 1 of 23
    Painted Green
    It should be noted, this amazing green looks NOTHING like grass. (Bonus points: there are fully eight different colors of painted wood in this photo.)
    Image Credit Cottage Living
  • Pale White 2 of 23
    Pale White
    I'm always drawn to pale rooms in photos. Would it be hard to live with? This image has me tempted to try it!
    Image Credit Living Etc
  • Glossy White 3 of 23
    Glossy White
    When painting floor boards white, it almost seems the sloppier the job the better. In this room, the added texture really elevates the look.
    Image Credit Domino
  • Stripes! 4 of 23
    Whitewashed stripes, how amazing does that look?
    Image Credit Dreams Happy Things
  • A Little Romantic 5 of 23
    A Little Romantic
    This room is evidence that clashing patterns can sometimes be a really, really great thing.
    Image Credit Tell Love And Chocolate
  • High Gloss 6 of 23
    High Gloss
    Pro-tip: High gloss floors will show every last foot print, but wipe up so easily it's stupid.
    Image Credit Tell Love And Chocolate
  • Green And White Stripe 7 of 23
    Green And White Stripe
    I can't tell if it's just a trick of the light, but it appears those green stripes ombre to blue, yes? Now THAT would be rad.
    Image Credit Tell Love And Chocolate
  • Count The Colors! 8 of 23
    Count The Colors!
    Purple. Turquoise. Periwinkle. Natural! I dare you.
    Image Credit Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
  • Chevron 9 of 23
    I love the varying widths of this pale blue chevron.
    Image Credit Beautiful Affordable Design
  • Black and Pink 10 of 23
    Black and Pink
    The only thing more daring than that striking black floor is the pop of pink from the hallway. Lovely!
    Image Credit Milk Magazine
  • Large Pattern 11 of 23
    Large Pattern
    Don't you love this? A big repeating pattern is a nice way to camouflage beat-up flooring that you hate to cover all the way.
    Image Credit Beautiful Affordable Design
  • Nordic White 12 of 23
    Nordic White
    Something about those Scandinavian countries, man. They sure do know how to paint a room white!
    Image Credit Nordic Bliss
  • Checkered Hallway 13 of 23
    Checkered Hallway
    Grab some painter's tape and a ruler and knock yourself out!
    Image Credit Nordic Bliss
  • White Space 14 of 23
    White Space
    Painting a cramped room white is the best way to impart a feeling of airiness. Add in painted floors? When did this room get so big!?
    Image Credit Nordic Bliss
  • Too Good For Words 15 of 23
    Too Good For Words
    No words!
    Image Credit Nordic Bliss
  • Winter White 16 of 23
    Winter White
    Stark and cozy all at once, yes?
    Image Credit Nordic Bliss
  • White On Natural On Plastic 17 of 23
    White On Natural On Plastic
    This is one of my favorite inspiration images of all time.
    Image Credit Take Sunset
  • Pink Stairs 18 of 23
    Pink Stairs
    Do you know what is so rad about this room? NONE of the wood matches!
    Image Credit Mary Ruffle
  • Black In The Kitchen 19 of 23
    Black In The Kitchen
    Even with that painted black floor, this eat-in kitchen still feels light and airy.
    Image Credit Nordic Bliss
  • In Defense Of White Washing 20 of 23
    In Defense Of White Washing
    If this room doesn't inspire you to whitewash those hardwoods then nothing will.
    Image Credit Nordic Bliss
  • Checkers 21 of 23
    Tres country.
    Image Credit Houzz
  • Stencils! 22 of 23
    When you use stencils, your options are limitless!
    Image Credit Shabby Coast Cottage
  • Blue! 23 of 23
    The matching chairs are what make this eat-in kitchen especially amazing!
    Image Credit Martha Stewart


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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