24 Homemade Snowflake Crafts

It’s a winter wonderland out there — but I’d much rather stay cozy and warm indoors. I’ve been looking up paper snowflake projects for the last few weeks, for my Girl Scouts to make for the children of Sandy Hook. The National PTA put out a call for homemade snowflakes to create a winter wonderland as the kids return to school after their long, emotional winter break.

My girls have been cutting paper snowflakes for weeks and just brought a few more home from school today. I’ve been searching Pinterest for new ideas, and wow! There are tons of amazing snowflakes to make yourself. The snowflake project for Sandy Hook has ended, but I think the girls and I will try a few more snowflake crafts through the winter.

Here are some of my favorites:


  • Weaved Paper 1 of 24
    Weaved Paper
    I've seen paper snowflakes before, but this is unique! I love the 3-dimensional look created from weaving the papers together.
    Read more at Krokotak
  • Laced Paper 2 of 24
    Laced Paper
    This is a super simple tutorial for another 3D paper snowflake. I'm kind of amazed at what comes out of a little piece of paper.
    Read more at How About Orange
  • Tinsel Snowflakes 3 of 24
    Tinsel Snowflakes
    Cut these tinsel snowflakes out of cardstock, then cover with glitter for a sparkly, tinsel look.
    Read more at Martha Stewart
  • Doily Snowflakes 4 of 24
    Doily Snowflakes
    This adorable snowflake garland was made with doilies. Simply cut paper snowflakes out of doilies and string together.
    Read more at Hello Naomi
  • Crocheted Snowflakes 5 of 24
    Crocheted Snowflakes
    I don't crochet at all, but these snowflakes are just too cute!
    Read more at Beginner Crochet Patterns
  • Coffee Filter Snowflakes 6 of 24
    Coffee Filter Snowflakes
    Is there nothing you can't make snowflakes out of? Check out these coffee filter flakes!
    Read more at The Pink Couch
  • Button Snowflake 7 of 24
    Button Snowflake
    A wire hanger and some leftover buttons are all you'll need to make this snowflake craft. Isn't it sweet?
    Read more at Shanty Chic
  • Snowflake Pinwheels 8 of 24
    Snowflake Pinwheels
    Here's a fun twist on a paper snowflake — pinwheels!
    Read more at Lyric Art
  • Patterned Snowflakes 9 of 24
    Patterned Snowflakes
    I love the look of patterned paper in this 3D snowflake. You could use the same idea for any style of paper snowflakes, really.
    Read more at Three Red Apples
  • Snowflake Nails 10 of 24
    Snowflake Nails
    This one isn't so much a snowflake craft, but it's one of the easiest nail art tutorials I've ever seen.
    Read more at Nailside
  • Cotton Snowflakes 11 of 24
    Cotton Snowflakes
    Here's a simple snowflake craft for kids that uses popsicle sticks and cotton balls. Easy and fun for the little ones!
    Read more at All Free Christmas Crafts
  • Snowflake Soap 12 of 24
    Snowflake Soap
    These single use snowflake soaps would be a fun, adorable project. It's too late for Christmas gifts, but my girls would have a ton of fun with it.
    Read more at Suzy's Sitcom
  • Curly Snowflake 13 of 24
    Curly Snowflake
    These twirly snowflakes are such a fun paper craft. The curls give the snowflakes a fun, bouncy look.
    Read more at Simply Modern Mom
  • Snowflake Ornaments 14 of 24
    Snowflake Ornaments
    Folding and fitting together 4 identical snowflakes creates a more textured look on a paper snowflake.
    Read more at Think Crafts
  • Winter Nails 15 of 24
    Winter Nails
    Here's another snowflake nail art — this one with a little more flurry. It kinda reminds me of the blizzard we had after Christmas.
    Read more at Polishpedia
  • Plastic Snowflakes 16 of 24
    Plastic Snowflakes
    Oh, Shrinky Dinks! I love that they're back again. I can't believe I've never thought to make snowflakes with the frosted shrink paper.
    Read more at The Long Thread
  • Snowflake Ornament 17 of 24
    Snowflake Ornament
    This 3D snowflake is made with a ribbon spool — after the holidays, I have plenty of those lying around!
    Read more at A Path of Paper
  • Star Wars Snowflakes 18 of 24
    Star Wars Snowflakes
    If I'm going to do traditional paper snowflakes, this is definitely the way my little geek heart would go! Star Wars snowflakes — does it get any cooler?
    Star Wars Templates
  • Tissue Snowflakes 19 of 24
    Tissue Snowflakes
    A simple accordion fold and pair of scissors are all you'll need to make these gorgeous snowflakes from tissue paper.
    Read more at Sweet Little Parties
  • Hot Glue Snowflake 20 of 24
    Hot Glue Snowflake
    Hot glue a snowflake shape onto wax paper, then add glitter. It is completely gorgeous!
    Read more at Under the Table and Dreaming
  • Crystal Snowflake 21 of 24
    Crystal Snowflake
    Here's a craft that's really more of a science experiment. Make crystallized snowflakes over pipe cleaners with a borax mixture.
    Read more at Silver and Chalk
  • Popsicle Stick Snowflake 22 of 24
    Popsicle Stick Snowflake
    I'm kind of amazed by this popsicle stick snowflake. It's made with craft sticks and bottle caps but looks so great!
    Read more at Junk in Their Trunk
  • Paper Snowflakes 23 of 24
    Paper Snowflakes
    If you want to make simple, paper snowflakes, this site has several great template ideas.
    Read more at Kerl
  • Beaded Snowflake 24 of 24
    Beaded Snowflake
    Watch this video for a tutorail on making this stunning beaded snowflake.
    Read more at Happybird's Crafting Haven

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