24 Homework Stations Kids Will Beg to Use


After many years in a Montessori school, homework is fairly new to us. Short of practicing spelling words each week or the occasional book report, it just hasn’t been a part of our lives. Now, the teen brings home several books each night and still has plenty to catch up on over the weekend.

She does homework at her desk, when she’s not distracted by napping in bed. She does homework on the couch, when she’s not distracted by the television. She does homework in the kitchen, when she’s not distracted by snacks.

Obviously, we need a more suitable place for homework.

Here are 24 awesome homework stations to keep school work under control.

  • Boards and Bookcases 1 of 24
    A few bulletin boards, dry erase boards or chalkboards mounted above a bookcase can provide everything your child needs to stay organized.
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  • Tool Caddy 2 of 24
    A tool caddy creates a portable homework station for kids like mine who want to work in different areas of the house.
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  • Double Desk 3 of 24
    This would be great for keeping kids separated during homework time. The bookshelves provide ample storage space for school supplies and text books.
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  • Tin Can Magnets 4 of 24
    Heavy duty magnets, tin cans, and sheet metal gives you out of the way storage space for homework supplies. I love that this doesn't require shelf or table space, which is at a premium around here.
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  • Tri-Fold Board 5 of 24
    We use a lot of science boards around here, but I've never thought of mounting everything the girls need for homework. So smart!
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  • Cardboard Box 6 of 24
    Cutting down a cardboard box gives you the same storage as a tri-fold, but it is even more confining if you have a child who is easily distracted.
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  • Shoe Organizer 7 of 24
    Oh, I am loving this one! The clear pockets of a shoe organizer allow kids to see what they have but can be tucked away over a closet door when not in use.
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  • Drink Carrier 8 of 24
    I always hate to say yes to the drink caddies because it seems like such a waste. Now I'm trying to figure out where I can get one for this homework caddy!
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  • Foam Core Board 9 of 24
    If the tri-fold board isn't quite strong enough for the supplies you need, try foam core. It's a little more sturdy — and a lot more fun for kids to decorate.
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  • Flatware Caddy 10 of 24
    This caddy is homemade, but it's based on a flatware caddy. I think you could also use other flatware holder styles to hold your homework supplies.
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  • Kitchen Cabinet 11 of 24
    If the kitchen is your child's preferred spot for homework, see if you can free up some cabinet space for paper, pens, and art supplies.
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  • Dish Drying Rack 12 of 24
    This is straight up brilliant! Use file folders in the plate rack to hold paper, worksheets, and homework while your pencils, scissors, and glue hang out in the silverware caddy.
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  • Mini Board 13 of 24
    This is a much smaller version of the tri-fold ideas, which works well if you have limited space.
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  • Peg Board 14 of 24
    Mount a peg board over a desk to hang everything your kids need. This is a fun look, if you have the wall space for it.
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  • Crib Desk 15 of 24
    If you've hung onto your crib for sentimental reasons, turn it into something useful for your older child with this quick update.
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  • Homework Cart 16 of 24
    A kitchen island cart is a little bit portable while still providing a desktop space for kids to work. Drawers and cabinets offer ample storage space for all the tools they need.
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  • The Cloffice 17 of 24
    Tuck some office homework space into the closet with this makeover. Storage space and a desk, all out of the way of the actual room.
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  • Spinning Caddy 18 of 24
    We use an old Pampered Chef Tool Turnabout for school and office supplies, but I love this homemade caddy from IKEA finds.
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  • Basics Basket 19 of 24
    Keep everything you need in one basket. With room for paper, books, and other school supplies, you can hide it in plain sight.
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  • Chalk Table 20 of 24
    I love the idea of a chalk table for homework. It's perfect for kids who need to work out math problems or jot paper ideas before they get started.
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  • Homework Control 21 of 24
    A remote control caddy is perfect for holding a few school supplies. The small box is portable, too, for homework on the go.
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  • Plate Rack 22 of 24
    This plate rack turned homework caddy features tin cans and small pails for school supplies. The two-tier caddy is perfect for dividing art and homework supplies or separating school needs for dueling kids.
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  • Picnic Caddy 23 of 24
    This might be the perfect time to find picnic caddies on clearance. Just add school supplies for a portable homework station!
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  • Homework Board 24 of 24
    Screw a few pails or pencil holders onto a board for a portable homework station. I love the idea of labeling this homework only — our pencils and glue have a habit of walking away just in time for a big project.
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