24 Incredible Tissue Box Crafts

I like to think we’re well out of tissue box season; then come the allergies. And summer colds. And, we’re right back in it — going through box after box of tissues every week.

Not one to let an opportunity pass (or anything go to waste!), I set about finding some things to do with empty tissue boxes. Crafts, organization, and brilliant ideas are everywhere.

Here are 24 awesome things to do with tissue boxes of all shapes and sizes:

  • Plastic Bag Holder 1 of 24
    The opening in the top is perfect for a pop-up plastic bag holder. This works no matter what size or shape your tissue box may be.
    Photo and more storage ideas via Real Simple
  • Booklet Storage 2 of 24
    Whether you have stacks of manuals, mini-magazines or cookbooks, a tissue box is a great solution for corralling small books.
    Photo and tutorial via Crop Chocolate
  • Toy Car Wash 3 of 24
    This car wash for Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars is just so fun! It's also an awesome storage solution for all those toy cars.
    Photo and tutorial via Joy's Life
  • Marshmallow Catapult 4 of 24
    The teen has been pestering me for a marshmallow gun for ages. I think I'll put her to work on something like this instead — it's less expensive and requires a bit of science & creativity.
    Photo and tutorial via Family Fun
  • Craft Supply Storage 5 of 24
    Just like baby wipes, tissue boxes can be repurposed to store a variety of items. Craft supplies, crayons, small toys — the possibilities are as endless as the mess in our girls' rooms.
  • Desk Organizer 6 of 24
    Organize pens, index cards, and more on your desktop with various sized tissue boxes.
    Photo and tutorial via Stamp TV
  • Dollhouse 7 of 24
    I remember making shoebox houses when I was a girl, but rectangular tissue boxes work just as well. The difference is, tissue cost a lot less than shoes, and we seem to go through a few more boxes each year.
    Photo and tutorial via Sparkle Power
  • Dryer Lint Trap 8 of 24
    Keep an empty tissue box in the laundry room for a simple way to dispose of dryer lint. Once it's full, you can toss it, compost it or add it to your next campfire. (Dryer lint burns fast, yo — keep your dryer clean!)
    Photo and more ideas via Premeditated Leftovers
  • Gift Basket 9 of 24
    Oh, how cute are these gift baskets? With so many amazing designs of tissue boxes, they won't even take much embellishment.
    Photo and tutorial via Crunchy and Candid
  • Mini Piñata 10 of 24
    A piñata can be expensive — especially all that candy! You'll need much less filler for this small, DIY version.
    Photo and tutorial via Studio DIY
  • Mater 11 of 24
    This Mater was designed for a child's birthday party — tuck napkins or forks in it to fit the theme. You can also use it to store Cars toys. It's just too cute!
    Photo and more party ideas via Simply Crafty
  • Cash Dispenser 12 of 24
    I'm always looking for fun ways to give cash as gifts. "Don't blow it all in one place!" It's clever and gives you a nice box to wrap up for the occasion.
    Photo and tutorial via Lovezilla
  • Monster Feet 13 of 24
    This would make a great rainy day craft while the kids are home! Dinosaurs, monsters — I can't wait to see where their imagination takes them.
    Photo and tutorial via A Bird and a Bean
  • Packet Organization 14 of 24
    A square tissue box is just the right size to hold taco seasoning, gravy packets and spices. I think you could also use this storage solution for seed packets, if you have leftovers from this year's garden.
    Photo and tutorial via I Heart Organizing
  • Paint Squares 15 of 24
    Okay, it's official — you can paint with anything! A tissue box will help kids create perfect squares. Let them experiment with different shapes and sides of the box, too.
    Photo and tutorial via Teach Preschool
  • Remote Control Holder 16 of 24
    I prefer to program all our remotes into the Harmony One, but if you still have multiple remote controls, gather them all in one place with a simple tissue box.
    Photo and tutorial via I Heart Organizing
  • Rocket Ship 17 of 24
    This tissue box craft is not only a fun project to do with the kids, but the rocket ship is a fabulous way to corral all those stuffed animals!
    Photo and tutorial via Two Bears Farm
  • Shoes 18 of 24
    Make your own shoes out of rectangle tissue boxes. It's a super cute way to teach kids how to lace and tie.
    Photo and tutorial via Home Adventurer
  • Tattle Monster 19 of 24
    I've seen several monster tissue box crafts, but I love the idea of a Tattle Monster. Let kids share their tattles with him, instead of pestering you. Brilliant!
    Photo and tutorial via Giggles Galore
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 20 of 24
    My kids have been crafting all week, since school let out. Next up, trains & cars from empty tissue boxes. I'm thinking milk lids have a future as wheels.
    Photo and tutorial via Simple As That
  • Train Tunnel 21 of 24
    If you already have trains & cars lying around, a tissue box makes a great tunnel. Cut off the top and sides, then send trains for a ride right through the box.
    Photo and tutorial via Uniquely Placed
  • Tissue Trash 22 of 24
    This is one of my favorite Pinterest finds EVER! Attach an empty tissue box to your current one, for a simple bedside solution to all those used tissues.
    Photo and tutorial via Meck Mom
  • Treasure Chest 23 of 24
    I love just about anything to do with pirates, so it's no surprise that a treasure chest ended up on both this list and my baby wipes project list. It's just so much fun!
    Photo and tutorial via DLTK Kids
  • Yarn Storage 24 of 24
    Oh, yarn! Both our cats and the dog love to play with it, so I'm always on the hunt for new ways to store it away from little paws. This is awesome — the yarn is tucked away, with easy tangle-free access.
    Photo and tutorial via Teach Preschool

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