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I talked more about this on my blog yesterday, but we’ve decided to live in our current apartment for at least another year. It makes sense. It’s a frugal choice. Which makes me feel very grown up all of a sudden.

I’ve decided to do some furniture rearranging to ease my aching heart. I’ll buy a little and sell a little until our house feel a little more comfortable for us. I think an important step is finding a good little settee for our living room.

Can you guess which one is my favorite? (The links to the sources are in the captions, bold and often capitalized)…

  • TIny Stripes 1 of 24
    TIny Stripes
    THIS little sofette is so perfect to me! I think I mostly am enamored with the ticking stripe upholstery!! Costs about $1200 from MGBW.
  • Rusty 2 of 24
    Also HERE in velvet for about $1450.
  • Love it or hate it? 3 of 24
    Love it or hate it?
    THIS settee is a mystery to me. I think I might love it though. Some glossy white paint and reupholstered in bright color like salmon pink or sunshine yellow or kelly green, and I think it would be really fun! Especially for an entry piece... Costs only $329.
  • West Elm 4 of 24
    West Elm
    THIS settee is simple and understated. It's also on SALE and there are TONS of fabric options. $499-$699
  • Shapely! 5 of 24
    I think I really like the shape of THIS settee (those funny pillows are making my eyes hurt though. Huge potential here. Price is $871.
  • Charcoal and white 6 of 24
    Charcoal and white
    THIS slipper sofa has such a pretty print. It's almost Chinoiserie inspired. Only $449.
  • Charcoal with tufts 7 of 24
    Charcoal with tufts
    THIS tufted settee has a lot of potential as an accent piece. Not at all a bad price at $569.
  • Such a pretty design – of course it’s French 8 of 24
    Such a pretty design - of course it's French
    THIS settee is amazingly beautiful. It's made by LEE Industries. It's lovely and super comfortable (I've sat in one before) for it's size and scale. Two big thumbs up. $1399
  • JCP 9 of 24
    THIS simple settee is a great alternative to the previous settee from Wisteria. The lines are similar and the fabric is beyond neutral. Price? $699
  • Green Paisley 10 of 24
    Green Paisley
    The colors and the paisley of THIS little settee sort of remind me of my friend Lauren from Pure Style Home. She has such pretty taste. Get her look for less. This little guy is only $269!!
  • Needs work! 11 of 24
    Needs work!
    THIS settee is a diamond in the rough. Paint the legs. Upholster the seat and the back. Not a bad look! $587.
  • Ruby Beets leather settee 12 of 24
    Ruby Beets leather settee
    THIS leather settee is a major splurge at $2850, but I guarantee your kids will be fighting over it after you're gone. This one's in it for the long haul. That leather! Those tufts! YES please!
  • Look past the ugly! 13 of 24
    Look past the ugly!
    You'll have to look past the HORRIBLE styling and photography, but I actually feel like THIS little settee has some potential. Mix pattern with your pillows here (use a geometric print and play with scale) and add a colorful throw and you're in business! $363
  • More mod 14 of 24
    More mod
    THIS little settee is perfect for a tiny apartment. It's only $239!!!!
  • Ethnic Vibe 15 of 24
    Ethnic Vibe
    THIS settee made the blog rounds for a good reason. It's SO unique!! And I love that the black and white can go with practically any colors or styles. Good stuff. $1799
  • Louis Louis 16 of 24
    Louis Louis
    THIS settee is really pretty. And cheap! Only $239! Just needs some pretty pillows to make it just right.
  • Looks like an antique sofa 17 of 24
    Looks like an antique sofa
    THIS settee is normally $1159, but it's an extra 15% off right now. Guaranteed compliments from guests on this one. So pretty!
  • Blue Velvet Dots! 18 of 24
    Blue Velvet Dots!
    THIS settee would be so cute in a nursery. Only $239!!
  • More TUFTS! 19 of 24
    More TUFTS!
    How pretty is THIS love seat with all that gorgeous, deep tufting? It's $1039.
  • Target in Linen 20 of 24
    Target in Linen
    THIS so simple linen settee is beautiful and understated. I really like it. It's a great foundation piece. Man, I'm loving these little slipper sofas!! $479
  • Tomato Red 21 of 24
    Tomato Red
    THIS little settee would be great paired with a bold sofa. Maybe a patterned one? Love the color. $759
  • Lemon Velvet Tufting! 22 of 24
    Lemon Velvet Tufting!
    Be still my beating heart. I love love love THIS tufted settee from West Elm. It's $699, which is a really great price for velvet and tufting! I bet it goes on sale sometime soon?
  • Perfect for a living room or a modern library! 23 of 24
    Perfect for a living room or a modern library!
    THIS chesterfield sofa is only $865, which makes me wonder what the quality is like. That price is unheard of for a Chesterfield!!
  • Another slipper, but this time in yellow! 24 of 24
    Another slipper, but this time in yellow!
    This is one of those really happy yellow colors - the perfect accent to perhaps a pretty boring furniture arrangement? Why not? It's only $449!

That was a big range of prices and quality, right? But I thought I would throw a little bit of everything out there for you guys. Which one did you like best? Are there any beauties out there that I missed?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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