25 Adorable Nurseries That Inspire

I don’t think I ever really get tired of looking at adorable baby nurseries. My favorite part is seeing how every couple designs the room to fit their unique taste. Some parents prefer to have a modern and mature look, while others are all about keeping it cute and classic. Which style do you prefer? Whether you are just starting to plan your nursery, or you said bye-bye to nurseries many years ago, you can still gawk at these 25 Adorable Nurseries That Inspire…

  • Woodland Fairy Room 1 of 25
    Woodland Fairy Room
    I can only imagine what it would be like to wake up to this every morning.
    Spotted at We Heart It.
  • Sleeping in the Clouds 2 of 25
    Sleeping in the Clouds
    Using clouds as a launching point for designing a nursery is such a cute idea.
    Spotted at Uniontown.
  • Filled with Light 3 of 25
    Filled with Light
    This Swedish style nursery is so bright and inviting. Of course all the vintage details have completely won me over.
    Check it out at Veranda.
  • Handmade Haven 4 of 25
    Handmade Haven
    I think I love just about everything in this room.
    Get tips on how this room was set up at Apartment Therapy.
  • On a Budget 5 of 25
    On a Budget
    This nursery was designed on a budget with major purchases being from Craigslist for under $100.
    See more pictures at Chic Cheap Nursery.
  • Red and Grey 6 of 25
    Red and Grey
    Just the colors alone were enough to make me want to see more.
    See more pictures House Interior Design.
  • Taste of Mint 7 of 25
    Taste of Mint
    Using mint in the room makes it look so calming and peaceful.
    Check out more pictures at Project Nursery.
  • Keep the Decor 8 of 25
    Keep the Decor
    This nursery may not scream baby but its art filled walls and personality will remain classic through the years.
    See more pictures at Apartment Therapy.
  • Sound of Music 9 of 25
    Sound of Music
    This music filled nursery is complete with band instrument mobile.
    Check it out at Apartment Therapy.
  • All White 10 of 25
    All White
    The idea of an all white nursery sounds so sleek and pretty, but I'd be afraid that once the baby is on the move that I would be regretting the white.
    See more pictures at Spearmint Baby.
  • Big Brother and Sisters Artwork 11 of 25
    Big Brother and Sisters Artwork
    Get brother and/or sister play a big roll in decorating the nursery by hanging their artwork on the walls
    Spotted at Spearmint Baby.
  • It’s Twins 12 of 25
    It's Twins
    I love the chalkboard and writing messages to your babies every morning.
    Spotted at Spearmint Baby.
  • Split the Room Down the Middle 13 of 25
    Split the Room Down the Middle
    If you were having boy/girl twins do you think you would try this?
    Spotted at HGTV.
  • I Would Take This 14 of 25
    I Would Take This
    The rug and bookshelf are must haves.
    Spotted at Jeffers Design Group.
  • Design a Small Space 15 of 25
    Design a Small Space
    Just because you have a small space doesn't mean it can't be chic and modern.
    Spotted at Houzz.
  • Coral and Lilac 16 of 25
    Coral and Lilac
    Such a pretty color and girly color combo.
    Spotted at Kendall Wilkinson.
  • Golden Crib 17 of 25
    Golden Crib
    Although I'm not a total fan of a golden crib it really works in this.
    Find out how she decorated this nursery without breaking the bank at Urban Grace.
  • Bringing Back Wood Slat 18 of 25
    Bringing Back Wood Slat
    Normally wood slat walls would bother me, but I kind of love it.
    Spotted at Jordan Guide Design.
  • Black and White Modern 19 of 25
    Black and White Modern
    If the nursery is a shared space this might be the way to do it.
    Spotted at Milk and Honey.
  • Make a Patterned Chair the Focus 20 of 25
    Make a Patterned Chair the Focus
    With many of these rooms the crib is the focus point, whereas this room uses a chair.
    Spotted at Sarah Richardson Design.
  • Crib in a Closet 21 of 25
    Crib in a Closet
    With limited space, placing the crib in the closet (without doors of course) may be a perfect solution for you.
    Spotted at A Bit of Sunshine.
  • Colored Crib 22 of 25
    Colored Crib
    What an elegant baby nursery and it's still so minimal.
    Spotted at Made by Girl.
  • Inspired by a Vegas Hotel 23 of 25
    Inspired by a Vegas Hotel
    I'm so glad that a baby nursery inspired by a Vegas Hotel did not turn out super tacky.
    Learn more at Simplified Bee.
  • Eco-Friendly 24 of 25
    This is a total eco-friendly nursery with awesome striped walls.
    Check it out at Simplified Bee.
  • A Crib and Fort 25 of 25
    A Crib and Fort
    I love that as the baby gets older she can start playing in the for alongside her bed.
    See more pictures at Apartment Therapy.


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