25 Amazing Advent Calendars

DIY advent calendars
We never really had an advent calendar growing up and I remember enviously looking at my friends cheap cardboard one with bad chocolate and wishing I had one. Now I realize that that chocolate is defintely not worth it and making your own and filling it with Godiva is where it’s at. Of course I’m saying this because I don’t have kids yet so the treat is guaranteed to go to me.

Want to make your own too? Check out 25 amazing ideas below.

  • Advent Branches 1 of 25
    Advent Branches
    Don't let those fallen branches go to waste.
    From Paige Russell
  • Kid’s Drawings 2 of 25
    Kid's Drawings
    Get your kids in on the action.
    From Just Camelia
  • Sweet Tree 3 of 25
    Sweet Tree
    I like the handmade look of this one.
    From Casa Trend
  • Minimalist 4 of 25
    Use craft boxes and labels for a clean look.
    From Shim and Sons
  • Take Out 5 of 25
    Take Out
    You could easily make this one yourself.
    From Bodie and Fou
  • Mini Envelopes 6 of 25
    Mini Envelopes
    I want mine filled with cash.
    From Nice Package
  • Cone Trees 7 of 25
    Cone Trees
    Lift them up for a surprise.
    From Family Fun
  • Christmas Branch 8 of 25
    Christmas Branch
    A modern look that takes little effort.
    From Annaleenas Hem
  • Graphic 9 of 25
    I love that each box is different.
    From Envelopments
  • Origami Boxes 10 of 25
    Origami Boxes
    Your kids can help you with this one.
    From Craft My Nest
  • Cubby 11 of 25
    I love the blue and red wrapping.
    From Flamingo Toes
  • Painted Jars 12 of 25
    Painted Jars
    Such a cool and fresh look.
    From Brigitte
  • Library Cards 13 of 25
    Library Cards
    Write a fun holiday activity on each card.
    From Not on the High Street
  • Wrapped Cups 14 of 25
    Wrapped Cups
    A good way to recycle your daily Starbucks.
    From Living at Home
  • Clothes Pins 15 of 25
    Clothes Pins
    There's a reason brown paper packages are a favorite thing.
    From Ramme Alvor
  • Pyramid Printables 16 of 25
    Pyramid Printables
    This template is ready to print!
    From Julie Ree
  • Buckets 17 of 25
    For a rustic look.
    From Not the High Street
  • White + Silver 18 of 25
    White + Silver
    I love the pop-up numbers.
    From Sweet Paul
  • Simple Trees 19 of 25
    Simple Trees
    You could whip this one up in an hour.
    From A Simple Nest
  • Lining the Shelves 20 of 25
    Lining the Shelves
    Clear your shelves and pile on the presents.
    From Living At Home
  • Pretty Packages 21 of 25
    Pretty Packages
    I wish I was better at wrapping.
    From Oh Happy Day
  • Wood Tree 22 of 25
    Wood Tree
    This kid knows where to find the treats.
    From Lilla A
  • Matchboxes 23 of 25
    The only tricky thing about this one is finding things that are small enough to fit in matchboxes.
    From The Happy Home
  • Fabric Cones 24 of 25
    Fabric Cones
    Fill mine up with mint M&Ms.
    From Mes Poulettes
  • Mini Boxes 25 of 25
    Mini Boxes
    Love the pattern and touch of glitter.
    From Domestifluff

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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