25 April Fools' Day Pranks to Play on the Family

Freeze their cereal, put a blow horn behind the door, and hand your sweetheart his fake audit letter. Live up this day of pranking with great ideas to totally confuse, and in some cases scare, your loved ones. Just make sure they don’t get you back with these 25 April Fools’ Day Pranks to Play on the Family too.

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  • Something Wrong with the Milk 2 of 26
    Something Wrong with the Milk
    Freak your kids out by pouring them blue milk with food coloring.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Don’t Tread on Me 3 of 26
    Don't Tread on Me
    Hide a fake bug in Dad's slippers.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Flipped Around Dresser 4 of 26
    Flipped Around Dresser
    When they're asleep move their clothes to different spots in their drawers.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • You’ve Been Audited 5 of 26
    You've Been Audited
    Print out the fake audit letter to scare your husband or wife with.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Watching You 6 of 26
    Watching You
    Stick googly eyes onto objects around the house.
    Find out more at How About Orange.
  • Colored Teeth 7 of 26
    Colored Teeth
    Put a drop of food coloring on their toothbrush to turn their teeth a different color.
    Find out more at Lady Create.
  • Giant Popsicle 8 of 26
    Giant Popsicle
    Ask them if they'd like a popsicle and bring them this gigantic popsicle.
    Find out more at Yahoo.
  • Where’s Dad? 9 of 26
    Where's Dad?
    Stuff a pair of pants and shoes to make it look like Dad is on the other side of the newspaper.
    Find out more at Alpha Mom.
  • Don’t Tip the Cups 10 of 26
    Don't Tip the Cups
    Fill the hallway with cups of water, watch as everyone has to figure out how to get past them to the bathroom.
    Find out more at LOL Pranks.
  • Unsolvable Word Scramble 11 of 26
    Unsolvable Word Scramble
    Hand them a word scramble that will drive them nuts.
    Check it out at Spoonful.
  • Utensil Ban 12 of 26
    Utensil Ban
    Hide all the utensils and tell the little kids that there is a ban on them so they have to eat with their hands.
    Find out more at Alpha Mom.
  • Frozen Cereal 13 of 26
    Frozen Cereal
    Freeze their cereal the night before and watch as they try to eat it in the morning.
    Find out more at Coffee Break with Liz and Kate.
  • Minty Fresh 14 of 26
    Minty Fresh
    Fill Oreos with toothpaste.
    Find out more at Life at Willow Cottage.
  • Muffins with a Surprise 15 of 26
    Muffins with a Surprise
    Bake muffins with hotdogs and broccoli cooked inside, so gross.
    Find out more at Hillah Cooking.
  • Faulty Mouse 16 of 26
    Faulty Mouse
    Put a Post-it note underneath the computer mouse. Watch as they struggle to get it to work and then flip it over to see an April Fools message underneath.
    Find out more at Parenting.
  • Creepy Crawlers 17 of 26
    Creepy Crawlers
    Hide fake bugs in their lunch.
    Find out more at Morena's Corner.
  • Your Feet Grew Overnight 18 of 26
    Your Feet Grew Overnight
    Stuff their shoes with toilet paper and watch as they try to put them on.
    Find out more at Parenting.
  • Brown E 19 of 26
    Brown E
    Tell them you made them brownies.
    Find out more at Mrs.Goff's Pre-K Tales.
  • Straw Malfunction 20 of 26
    Straw Malfunction
    Poke holes in their straw and then have them take a sip.
    Find out more at Parenting.
  • Flip Turned Upside Down 21 of 26
    Flip Turned Upside Down
    Confuse the kids by turning all the photos upside down.
    Find out more at Kid's Activities.
  • Caramel Covered…Onions 22 of 26
    Caramel Covered…Onions
    Make the kids think they are about to eat caramel covered apples.
    Find out more at Imgur.
  • Fake Parking Ticket 23 of 26
    Fake Parking Ticket
    Scare your sweetheart into thinking he/she got a parking ticket.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Wait for Your Turn 24 of 26
    Wait for Your Turn
    Set up a line of their favorite stuffed animals waiting to use the bathroom.
    Find out more at Chocolate Cake Moments.
  • Hidden Air Horn 25 of 26
    Hidden Air Horn
    It will be a rough, but hilarious morning.
    Find out more at Everything Funny.
  • Stinky Shower 26 of 26
    Stinky Shower
    Hide a chicken bouillon in the shower.
    Find out more at Dump a Day.


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