25 Beautiful DIY Advent Calendars

Each year I think to myself, “I will be more on top of it this Christmas.” To get off on the right foot I’ve started brainstorming ideas for Advent calendars. There’s so many gorgeous ones out there that surprisingly don’t take very much effort at all. These 25 Beautiful DIY Advent Calendars are sure to make a statement this holiday season…

  • Woodland Calendar 1 of 25
    Use paper and toilet paper rolls to construct a woodland scene with surprises inside.
    Spotted at Deco Ideas.
  • Add an Ornament 2 of 25
    Sew your Advent tree and add buttons. Each day take out a new ornament to hang.
    Find out more at So Happy.
  • On the Road 3 of 25
    Build cardboard houses and hide matchboxes inside with treats. Glue the homes onto a pretend neighborhood road.
    Find out more at Snug Online.
  • Felt Birdies 4 of 25
    Cut out felt birds and hang them on a tree. Fill with sweet chocolates.
    Check it out at Skip to My Lou.
  • Tiny Packages 5 of 25
    Wrap presents in small packages and hang them from a hanger.
    Find out more at An Angel at My Table.
  • Last-Minute Calendar 6 of 25
    This adorable Advent calendar is sure to get noticed and is so simple you could do it on day one.
    Find out more at In the Little Red House.
  • Magnetic Calendar 7 of 25
    Make a magnetic Advent calendar to put on your fridge. Get the free printable for the countdown.
    Find out more at Twig and Thistle.
  • Garland Advent Calendar 8 of 25
    Have your Advent calendar also double as your garland.
    Find out more at Shizzy Knits.
  • Pretty Boxes Calendar 9 of 25
    Fill boxes with treats, wrap, and stack.
    Find out more at Rust & Sunshine.
  • String O’ Buckets 10 of 25
    Hang black buckets from tree branches or sticks and hide a surprise inside each.
    Find out more at Knock Off Decor.
  • Popsicle Sticks and Origami 11 of 25
    This Advent calendar is perfect for kids to help with.
    Find out more at Crafty Nest.
  • Brown Paper Packages 12 of 25
    Hang brown paper packages from a tree branch and decorate with paper bunting.
    Find out more at Englemor.
  • Baby Sock Calendar 13 of 25
    Clip baby socks onto a string with a clothespin. Simple as that and still very sentimental.
    Find out more at Blog A La Cart.
  • Muffin Tin Calendar 14 of 25
    Hide treats inside a muffin tin and cut out paper circles to cover up each day.
    Check it out at Dixie DIY.
  • Spool Calendar 15 of 25
    Wrap vintage spools with a clue for a special treat. Get the free printable too.
    Spotted at Just Something I Made.
  • Envelope Tree 16 of 25
    Make your Advent calendar in the shape of a tree with envelopes and a doily.
    Find out more at Cherry Plum.
  • In a Birdhouse 17 of 25
    Cut out paper birdhouses and hide treats inside.
    Find out more at Lait Fraise.
  • Falling Stars 18 of 25
    Cut out paper stars and sew them together and hang on a branch to make this pretty Advent calendar.
    Find out more at Design Sponge.
  • Matchbox Calendar 19 of 25
    Decorate a matchbox carton and place surprises inside.
    Find out more at We Heart It.
  • Framed Calendar 20 of 25
    Be as resourceful as possible before running out to buy all new stuff to make this simple, yet adorable Advent calendar.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • White Paper Packages 21 of 25
    Hide treats inside white paper bags and clip them to a wool board with clothespins.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Clock Calendar 22 of 25
    Use concentrate juice containers to make the circle boxes for this clock Advent Calendar.
    Find out more at Michelle Made Me.
  • Ornament a Day 23 of 25
    Fill packages with small ornaments instead of candy.
    Get the tutorial at The Marion House Book.
  • Wreath Pillow 24 of 25
    Hang felt wreaths from a pillow for the countdown .
    Find out more at Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss.
  • Paper Pyramids 25 of 25
    Download the template to make a paper pyramid Advent calendar.
    Find out more at At Home.

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