25 Beautiful Night Lights You Can Make

There is something so cozy and comforting about a night light. It’s no wonder that as soon as bedtime rolls around I hear a little sleepy voice remind me “don’t forget to turn on my night light.” After looking through this collection of DIY night lights I can’t help but want to add one to my room, in fact, I would add one to each room of the house. The fox night light is probably one of my top favorites, but then again the illuminated bookshelf looks so cool. Which handmade night light is your favorite?

  • Woodland Light 1 of 25
    Woodland Light
    A night light that takes time and detail but has a beautiful result.
    Learn more at …Squirrel!.
  • Just For You 2 of 25
    Just For You
    Custom make a night light with your child's name on it.
    Find out more at Artsy Fartsy Mama.
  • Bonne Nuit 3 of 25
    Bonne Nuit
    It doesn't matter what language you speak, you can always say goodnight.
    Check it out at Homes.
  • For The Future Photographer 4 of 25
    For The Future Photographer
    A little photographer in the making would love to sleep by this night light.
    Find out more at Photojojo.
  • Goodnight Turtle 5 of 25
    Goodnight Turtle
    This is perfect for any animal-themed room.
    Check it out at Martha Stewart.
  • By The Sea Night Light 6 of 25
    By The Sea Night Light
    Have the kids collect shells and make night lights out of them. A perfect little gift too.
    Check it out at Martha Stewart.
  • Powered By The Sun 7 of 25
    Powered By The Sun
    This night light uses the sun's energy to glow bright at night.
    Find out more at Free People.
  • Sleepy Fox Night Light 8 of 25
    Sleepy Fox Night Light
    A beautiful night light I would even want to have.
    Spotted at Matsutake.
  • Glittering Canvas 9 of 25
    Glittering Canvas
    Your kids can help you design this pretty wall art night light.
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy.
  • Book Light 10 of 25
    Book Light
    A great gift for a book lover.
    Learn how to make your own at Grathio Labs.
  • Illuminated Bookshelf 11 of 25
    Illuminated Bookshelf
    A little bit more effort but definitely worth it.
    Check it out at Pretty Handy Girl.
  • Bird House 12 of 25
    Bird House
    Hang this unique night light on the wall to make the room look nice and cozy.
    Spotted at A Jennuine Life.
  • Through A Vintage Camera 13 of 25
    Through A Vintage Camera
    You can use a vintage camera to make this old school night light.
    Check it out at Instructables.
  • Milk Carton Night Light 14 of 25
    Milk Carton Night Light
    Recycle your milk cartons to film your home with these little house night lights.
    Check it out at Hutch Studio.
  • Leave Out Those Christmas Lights 15 of 25
    Leave Out Those Christmas Lights
    If your little one prefers a brighter room when they go to bed wrapping Christmas lights around the room will work great.
    Find out more at We Heart It.
  • Twigs and Branches 16 of 25
    Twigs and Branches
    Use some collected twigs and branches to create this pretty light.
    Find out more at ReadyMade.
  • Make With Mod Podge 17 of 25
    Make With Mod Podge
    Design your own personal night light with Mod Podge.
    Check it out at Design Mom.
  • Lampshade Night Light 18 of 25
    Lampshade Night Light
    A lampshade can let just a perfect amount of soft light through for nighttime.
    Spotted at Martha Stewart.
  • Tissue Paper Night Light 19 of 25
    Tissue Paper Night Light
    Leftover holiday presents are filled with tissue paper you can reuse for a night light.
    Find out more at Craftzine.
  • Dixie Cup Garland 20 of 25
    Dixie Cup Garland
    Use dixie cups to make this pretty night light garland and change them out whenever you'd like.
    Find out more at Hey Gorgeous.
  • Make Your Own Stained Glass Globe 21 of 25
    Make Your Own Stained Glass Globe
    Isn't this glass globe night light cool? You could use a bunch of colors to make a rainbow one.
    Learn how at Less Cake (More Frosting).
  • Illuminated Wire Basket 22 of 25
    Illuminated Wire Basket
    This night light would be great to use in a bigger room of the house. Maybe in a room on the way to the kitchen for my midnight snacks.
    Find out more at Poppytalk.
  • Doily Light 23 of 25
    Doily Light
    Such a fun project you could do with the kids and then hang in their rooms.
    Check it out at More Design Please.
  • Use a Bottle or Jar 24 of 25
    Use a Bottle or Jar
    Fill a bottle or jar with Christmas lights to make this quick and easy night light.
    Find out more at Wit & Whistle.
  • CD Case 25 of 25
    CD Case
    Who knew an old CD case could come so in handy?
    Check it out at ZedoMax.

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