25 Best Pop Culture Costumes for 2012

From Gangnam Style to Honey Boo Boo and from one very tan mom to one very painful art restoration, these 25 Best Pop Culture Costumes for 2012 will remind you of all the good and outrageous moments of the year. Best part is, most of these costumes can be made with clothing you already have at home. So, If you’re in a bind for costume inspiration check out the 25 Best Pop Culture Costumes for 2012…

  • Gangnam Style 1 of 24
    Gangnam Style
    If you can find a periwinkle suit you're in business, however a black suit will work too and make sure your friends dress up to be your back up dancers.
    Find out more at Idolator.
  • Honey Boo Boo 2 of 24
    Honey Boo Boo
    Doll yourself up to look like Honey Boo Boo or purchase this costume.
    Purchase from for $74.99.
  • Moonrise Kingdom 3 of 24
    Moonrise Kingdom
    It is out on DVD just in time to study the outfits for the best Halloween costume.
    Find out more at A Constant Visual Feast.
  • Restored Painting 4 of 24
    Restored Painting
    The restoration was a fail, but the costume is a win.
    Spotted at EZ Rock.
  • The Big Jump 5 of 24
    The Big Jump
    Dress up as Felix Baumgartner and brag about falling at 834 miles per hour all night.
    Find out more at Esquire.
  • Bane 6 of 24
    Buy this costume or make your own.
    Purchase this from for $48.99.
  • Big Bird 7 of 24
    Big Bird
    The Save Big Bird costume.
    Find out more at Parenting.
  • Paul Ryan Workout 8 of 24
    Paul Ryan Workout
    Look like Paul Ryan as he gets his workout on in Time magazine.
    Find out more at Policy Mic.
  • Game of Thrones 9 of 24
    Game of Thrones
    Get creative and sew up a one of a kind Game of Thrones costume.
    Spotted at Aradani Costumes.
  • Snooki and Baby 10 of 24
    Snooki and Baby
    I'm sure there will be quite a few of these out and about.
    Find out more at Perezitos.
  • Too Tan Mom 11 of 24
    Too Tan Mom
    Simply coat yourself with way too many layers of fake tan.
    Find out more at Flight Unit.
  • Mitt Romney 12 of 24
    Mitt Romney
    Throw on the mask and a suit.
    Purchase this from Costume Supercenter for $9.99.
  • Charlie Sheen 13 of 24
    Charlie Sheen
    Dress up as your favorite role model, not.
    Find out more at Halloween Marketplace.
  • Be a Meme 14 of 24
    Be a Meme
    Make this hilarious Ermahgerd costume or make up your own witty meme.
    Find out more at Imgur.
  • Katniss Everdeen 15 of 24
    Katniss Everdeen
    Make sure to always have your bow and arrow.
    Check it out at Squidoo.
  • Royal Wedding 16 of 24
    Royal Wedding
    This is definitely a fun costume for any couple.
    Find out more at Squidoo.
  • Gabby Douglas 17 of 24
    Gabby Douglas
    Don't forget to wear your medals too.
    Find out more at US Magazine.
  • Nicki Minaj 18 of 24
    Nicki Minaj
    Use clothes you already have to make a strikingly similar Nicki Minaj costume.
    Find out more at Global Grind.
  • Brave 19 of 24
    Purchase the wig to have long flowing red hair for a day.
    Find out more at Corina Writes.
  • The President 20 of 24
    The President
    With an election around the corner, this is definitely a current event costume.
    Purchase this from Halloween Express for $26.39.
  • The Lorax 21 of 24
    The Lorax
    Dress up like the adorable Lorax.
    Find out more at Babble.
  • The Avengers 22 of 24
    The Avengers
    Pick your favorite Avenger.
    Purchase this from Kohls for $46.74.
  • Pinterest Board 23 of 24
    Pinterest Board
    Here's a costume everyone (at least most girls) will recognize and can be made an hour before.
    Check it out at Parties for Pennies.
  • Justin Bieber 24 of 24
    Justin Bieber
    Check out the steps to creating your own Bieber costume.
    Find out more at DIY Reviews.

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