25 Camera-Inspired Crafts

When I first got my camera I don’t think it ever left my side. It was either around my neck or in my bag, ready to capture that perfect moment. Sound familiar? Owning a camera is one thing, but making accessories and camera related goodies is another. If you’re not the camera lover, but know of one (or a few), make them a Hasselblad out of cardboard to put in their home. A camera strap, fisheye lens and splash-proof camera bag are always great gifts too. Even the kids can make their own toy cameras out of recyclables. Get crafty with these 25 Camera-Inspired Crafts…

  • Back to the Old Days 1 of 25
    Back to the Old Days
    Build a pinhole camera out of cardboard in the shape of an old school Hasselblad.
    Spotted at Craftzine.
  • Goodnight, Sleep Tight 2 of 25
    Goodnight, Sleep Tight
    Turn an old camera into a nightlight.
    Check it out at Instructables.
  • Camera Lens Pouch 3 of 25
    Camera Lens Pouch
    Do you always seem to misplace your camera lens? Well, that will no longer be a problem.
    Find out more at Punk Projects.
  • For the Photographer in Training 4 of 25
    For the Photographer in Training
    Sew up a toy camera with a slot to fit photos of you in the back.
    Find out more at See Kate Sew.
  • Cover That Strap 5 of 25
    Cover That Strap
    Follow this simple tutorial to find out how to give your camera strap a makeover.
    Spotted at Prudent Baby.
  • iPhone Macro Lens 6 of 25
    iPhone Macro Lens
    Get even closer to your subjects by making a macro lens for your iPhone.
    Spotted at Instructables.
  • Lens On Your Wrist 7 of 25
    Lens On Your Wrist
    Keep your lenses safely by your side in a lens pouch.
    Check it out at Smashed Peas and Carrots.
  • Fisheye Lens 8 of 25
    Fisheye Lens
    Use an old pair of sunglasses to rig a homemade fisheye lens.
    Spotted at Photojojo.
  • Cushiony Camera Comfort 9 of 25
    Cushiony Camera Comfort
    Keep your camera in a safe place by wrapping it up in a cushioned pouch.
    Spotted at A Pretty Cool Life.
  • Pinhole Lens 10 of 25
    Pinhole Lens
    Turn an SLR into a pinhole camera in seconds.
    Spotted at Leethal.
  • A Strap from Scratch 11 of 25
    A Strap from Scratch
    Gather all the needed supplies to make your own camera strap.
    Check it out at Design Love Fest.
  • Lens Pal 12 of 25
    Lens Pal
    Keep the kids smiling for pictures by adding a lens pal to your camera.
    Find out more at Housewife Eclectic.
  • Camera Accordion 13 of 25
    Camera Accordion
    Let the kids make their own "cameras" out of Altoid tins and they can fill it with hand drawn pictures.
    Check it out at The Art Annex.
  • Paper Cameras 14 of 25
    Paper Cameras
    Construct cameras out of paper patterns. There's many different styles to choose from.
    Spotted at Paper Crave.
  • Bokeh Lens 15 of 25
    Bokeh Lens
    Get the cool Bokeh effect by making your own custom lenses. You'll love the results.
    Spotted at How About Orange.
  • Splash-Proof Camera Bag 16 of 25
    Splash-Proof Camera Bag
    It's hard to avoid water in the summer so make a splash-proof camera bag to keep your camera nice and safe.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Matchbox Goes Digital 17 of 25
    Matchbox Goes Digital
    Use old matchboxes to make mini digital cameras. These could make great party favors.
    Check it out at Mid Craft Crisis.
  • Camera Card 18 of 25
    Camera Card
    Cut out a camera card for your shutterbug pal.
    Check it out at Family Fun.
  • Ultimate Security 19 of 25
    Ultimate Security
    Add padding and dividers to a purse to turn it into a secure camera bag.
    Check it out at Vanilla and Lace.
  • Stamp It 20 of 25
    Stamp It
    Use an old film canister and felt to make your own custom stamps
    Find out more at Papernstitch.
  • Your Basic Pinhole Camera 21 of 25
    Your Basic Pinhole Camera
    Elsie, from A Beautiful Mess, teaches you all about making your most basic and durable pinhole camera.
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Recycling at Its Finest 22 of 25
    Recycling at Its Finest
    Construct a kids toy camera out of all recycled materials. Get creative!
    Check it out at Craftzine.
  • Camera Camera Bag 23 of 25
    Camera Camera Bag
    Sew yourself a camera bag in the shape of a camera, genius.
    Find out more at Happy Sew Lucky.
  • Camera Cozy 24 of 25
    Camera Cozy
    Keep your camera stowed away in this cozy handbag.
    Spotted at Craftzine.
  • Top Notch 25 of 25
    Top Notch
    Get better photos with perfect lighting by building yourself a light box.
    Find out more at Ninth and Bird.

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