25 Collections to Start for your Daughter

Starting a collection for your daughter can be the perfect gift because it lasts forever and can be enjoyed for generations to come. Growing up we had my great grandmother’s spoon collection from all over the world and every time we’d travel we would bring back a spoon to add to it. There are a zillion different collections to start and you’ll know which one is just right for her. To get you started on choosing the perfect collection here are 25 Collections to Start for your Daughter…

  • Tea Cups 1 of 24
    I love tea cup collections because they are so girly and dainty.
    Spotted at It Was an Analogy
  • Vintage Watercolor Tins 2 of 24
    This would make for a unique collection that could even be put to use as the generations continue.
    Find out more at Sushipot
  • Plush Dolls 3 of 24
    A doll collection is something she could one day give to her daughter too.
    Spotted at Revoluzzza
  • Cameo 4 of 24
    Cameos make for a stunning and timeless collection.
    Spotted at Scout and Catalogue
  • Thimbles 5 of 24
    Thimbles make for a small and easily transportable collection. If you are a painter you may consider embellishing them.
    Spotted at Robin King Designs
  • Vintage Plates 6 of 24
    Start her early with a collection of pretty vintage plates to have when she has her own place someday.
    Spotted at Boho Circus
  • Matryoshka Dolls 7 of 24
    These make for a beautiful handcrafted collection to display.
    Check it out at The Dainty Squid
  • Snow Globes 8 of 24
    There is something so dreamy about snow globes.
    Spotted at Tumblr
  • Tic-Tock 9 of 24
    Start her collection up with a beautiful antique clock and add to it every year.
    Spotted at Greige
  • Skeleton Keys 10 of 24
    This is a collection I have already started for myself. I love the history behind all the keys.
    Check it out at Design Sponge.
  • Hoot Hoot 11 of 24
    This collection could be displayed all together or scattered around the house.
    Spotted on In Every Which Way, Mackenzie.
  • Purses 12 of 24
    Don't you love the styles and colors of all these purses?
    Spotted at Fensismensi
  • Ornaments 13 of 24
    You could start the collection when she is just born and by the time she has her own place she can decorate her own tree.
    See more at Smile and Wave
  • Globes 14 of 24
    I love the idea of teaching her the importance of travel through a globe collection.
    Spotted at AMLiving
  • Brooches 15 of 24
    A brooch collection is something she can use forever.
    Check it out at Elsa Mora
  • Charms 16 of 24
    She can add to her bracelet with every new charm she receives.
    Check it out at Flickr
  • Buttons 17 of 24
    A button collection can always come in handy.
    Check it out at Favim
  • Spice Tins 18 of 24
    When she is young these tins will make a great place to hide small treasures.
    Check them out at Not on the High Street
  • Cuckoo Clock 19 of 24
    Fill her wall with adorable Cuckoo clocks but don't forget to stop the cuckoo so they don't all go off at once.
    Spotted at The Lettered Cottage
  • Hair Clips 20 of 24
    Put together a collection of hair clips and add them to a hair clip board you can make.
    Get the hair clip board tutorial at Prudent Baby
  • For the Future Photographer 21 of 24
    Get your little girl excited about photography at a young age with a camera collection just for her.
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy
  • Spoons 22 of 24
    Whether it's spoons from around the world or of every color, a spoon collection is always fun to add to.
    Check them out at Betty Joy
  • Colored Glass 23 of 24
    This makes for a beautiful collection just to look at.
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy
  • Swatch Portraits 24 of 24
    Fill each embroidery hoop with a meaningful fabric from throughout the years.
    Get the full Swatch Portrait tutorial at The Purl Bee

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