25 DIY Autumn Doors to Fall For

Labor Day has passed which means fall is underway and it’s time to decorate. Start by adding a stunning wreath to your door full of vibrant autumn colors. Use tree branches and twigs to frame the door or a fall leaf garland. Pumpkins are always a perfect go-to as well as a friendly scarecrow greeting your guests. You can find all the inspiration you need to shift gears into fall with these 25 DIY Autumn Doors to Fall For…

  • Ringing in Fall 1 of 25
    Ringing in Fall
    A stunning wreath could be all you need to bring fall to your door.
    Spotted at Beyond the Screen Door.
  • Keeping it Simple 2 of 25
    Keeping it Simple
    Decorate your door for fall with a collection of pumpkins and haystacks.
    Spotted at Pool and Patio.
  • Going All Out 3 of 25
    Going All Out
    Now this is what it looks like when you take the decor a step further.
    Spotted at Pottery Barn.
  • Changing of the Seasons 4 of 25
    Changing of the Seasons
    Collect a few colored leaves and branches to decorate your door with.
    Spotted at Style at Home.
  • Picking a Color Scheme 5 of 25
    Picking a Color Scheme
    This family stuck with an orange and white theme with the flowers and white pumpkins.
    Spotted at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Splash of Gold 6 of 25
    Splash of Gold
    At first glance it's easy to pass over the small gold pumpkins.
    Spotted at The Ironstone Nest.
  • Hints of Green 7 of 25
    Hints of Green
    Brighten up your fall decor with splashes of lively green.
    Spotted at Cottage in the Oaks.
  • Decorating with Corn 8 of 25
    Decorating with Corn
    Dried out corn is always a guaranteed staple for fall.
    Spotted at Etsy.
  • Fall Leaves 9 of 25
    Fall Leaves
    Decorate your door with a colorful fall leaf garland.
    Spotted at Grandin Road.
  • No-Sew Bunting 10 of 25
    No-Sew Bunting
    You can never go wrong adding a little bunting to the decor.
    Get the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.
  • Poly Mesh and Garland 11 of 25
    Poly Mesh and Garland
    Use a combination of poly mesh, garland and ribbons to decorate your door.
    Find out more at Savvy Seasons.
  • Up the Stairs 12 of 25
    Up the Stairs
    If you have stairs leading to the door, make sure to add a bit of fall charm to each one for this seasonal look.
    Spotted at Martha Stewart.
  • Garland Galore 13 of 25
    Garland Galore
    Have fun with a beautiful garland or buy more than one for a full effect.
    Spotted at Un-Forgetables.
  • The Harvest 14 of 25
    The Harvest
    Flaunt your recent harvest on your doorstep.
    Check it out at Midwest Living.
  • Pumpkin Time 15 of 25
    Pumpkin Time
    Set a few pumpkins over your door.
    Check it out at Katy Elliot.
  • Going Vintage 16 of 25
    Going Vintage
    Old crates, copper kettles and pans help bring vintage charm to your decor.
    Check it out at Applestone Cottage.
  • Black and White 17 of 25
    Black and White
    Here's a new look that would be pretty unexpected and can look great.
    Check it out at Imperfectly Beautiful.
  • Fall All Around 18 of 25
    Fall All Around
    If you think this door is festive, wait until you see the decor that goes on inside.
    Find out more at A Primitive Place Magazine.
  • Corn Stalk Decorations 19 of 25
    Corn Stalk Decorations
    Tie together bundles of dried up corn stalks on either side of the door. Use pretty fall ribbon to fasten them together.
    Spotted at Blogspot.
  • Using What You Have 20 of 25
    Using What You Have
    Use colored leaves to make a wreath and twigs and branches to frame the door.
    Check it out at Midwest Living.
  • Don’t Forget the Scarecrow 21 of 25
    Don't Forget the Scarecrow
    Also add in some corn stalks and pumpkins and you're good to go.
    Find out more at Honey and Fitz.
  • It’s All in the Wreath 22 of 25
    It's All in the Wreath
    A full and dramatic wreath can make all the difference.
    Check it out at Between Naps on the Porch.
  • Pre-Halloween Fun 23 of 25
    Pre-Halloween Fun
    Start celebrating Halloween early with a spooky themed door.
    Check it out at Midwest Living.
  • Adding The Unexpected 24 of 25
    Adding The Unexpected
    Just because it's fall doesn't mean you can't have some blooming bright flowers in there.
    Spotted at My Seasonal Home.
  • The Bats are Coming 25 of 25
    The Bats are Coming
    Cut bats out of paper and tape them to the door for this cool and spooky effect.
    Spotted at Honey and Fitz.

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