25 DIY Dolls, Accessories and More

When I look through my daughters doll stuff I often find myself thinking, “I could make that.” Apparently there were many others who felt the same way and are happy to walk you through the process of just how they did it. Here you will find tutorials on how to make doll houses, bunk beds, polaroids, clothes and even learn how to make your own doll. Since dolls and their accessories are so tiny they could make perfect stocking stuffers…

  • Make Your Own Doll 1 of 25
    Make Your Own Doll
    Emily, from The Black Apple, shares her adorable doll pattern.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • Hush Little Baby 2 of 25
    Hush Little Baby
    Build a crib for your doll to sleep in right next to your little girl.
    Check out the tutorial at Ana White.
  • Out on the Town 3 of 25
    Out on the Town
    A little girl will love to push her doll around in this.
    Get the tutorial at So You Think You're Crafty.
  • Night, Night Dolly 4 of 25
    Night, Night Dolly
    I have always wanted one of these for myself. A doll version would be much easier to build.
    Get the tutorial at Attempting Aloha.
  • Doll on the Go 5 of 25
    Doll on the Go
    Dolly and her home can come with you on every trip now.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Just Like Mommy 6 of 25
    Just Like Mommy
    Now she can hold her dolls in a sling just like mom holds baby.
    Get the tutorial at Sewing Dork.
  • Doll Diapers 7 of 25
    Doll Diapers
    These little doll diapers would make a perfect stocking stuffer.
    Find out more at Serving Pink Lemonade.
  • Pillowcase to Doll Blanket 8 of 25
    Pillowcase to Doll Blanket
    Use an old pillowcase to make a beautiful doll blanket.
    Get the tutorial at MADE.
  • Christmas Tree for Dolly 9 of 25
    Christmas Tree for Dolly
    Have your little one help you make and decorate a Christmas Tree just for her doll.
    Find out more at That Artist Woman.
  • Cereal Box Home 10 of 25
    Cereal Box Home
    Get creative by using an old cereal box to make a little doll home.
    Get the tutorial at Made By Joel.
  • Bunk Bed Buddies 11 of 25
    Bunk Bed Buddies
    Give her a matching bunk bed for her dolls.
    Find out more at Ana White.
  • Zzzzz 12 of 25
    Nap time is a little bit easier when dolly takes her nap too.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Drawer Doll House 13 of 25
    Drawer Doll House
    Before throwing away the old dresser, convert a drawer into a doll house.
    Find out more at Nice Girl Notes.
  • Tiny Tops 14 of 25
    Tiny Tops
    These tank tops are easy to make and look so cute.
    Find out more at It's Sew For You.
  • Doll Backpack 15 of 25
    Doll Backpack
    She can send her doll off to pretend doll school with her adorable new backpack.
    Find out more at Doll Diaries.
  • Sleepy Doll and Quilt 16 of 25
    Sleepy Doll and Quilt
    Learn how to make this peacefully sleeping doll and quilt for Christmas.
    Get the tutorial at Whip Up.
  • A New Doll for Christmas 17 of 25
    A New Doll for Christmas
    These would be so pretty popping out of the stockings Christmas morning.
    Check them out at Purl Bee.
  • So Many Dolls in One 18 of 25
    So Many Dolls in One
    When you make a flip doll you can add several dolls in one.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Ruffle Doll Shirt 19 of 25
    Ruffle Doll Shirt
    Keep her doll looking stylish with this cute ruffle shirt.
    Spotted at New Green Mama.
  • Hooded Doll Blanket 20 of 25
    Hooded Doll Blanket
    She will love keeping her baby all bundled up in this warm blanket.
    Find out more at Sparkle Power.
  • Doll Clothes Shirt and Pants 21 of 25
    Doll Clothes Shirt and Pants
    Give her doll some new shirts and pants this coming holiday.
    Find out more at We Wilsons.
  • Doll Bakery 22 of 25
    Doll Bakery
    Scroll through the slideshow to learn how to make this adorable bakery.
    Find out more at DIY Network.
  • Tidying Up 23 of 25
    Tidying Up
    Since she is probably not ready to use the real iron now, show your little girl how to iron with her dolls.
    Find out more at Pieces For Reese.
  • Polaroids for Her Doll 24 of 25
    Polaroids for Her Doll
    Make some of these teeny tiny polaroids to hang up around the dollhouse.
    Find out more at Ambrosia Girl.
  • Nice and Cozy 25 of 25
    Nice and Cozy
    These doll sleeping bags would be a great gift to hand out at the next sleepover party.
    Find out more at Sewing Dork.

Jacinda can also be found at Prudent Baby

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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