25 DIY Essentials for the Great Outdoors

I like camping in theory but I think it will be a few years (and potty trainings) before our family roughs it in the wild. When I do build up the courage to take this show on the road, roast some marshmallows and sing campfire songs, you can bet I will be doing it with monogrammed camping skewers! But DIY isn’t just adorable, it can save some cash. Cut your camping and outdoor fun costs by making your own stools and fishing poles. Have a blast on your next kayak ride by amping up your speed with a DIY sail. And whatever you do, don’t forget your homemade bug spray. Pack your bags, food, and gear and get ready to tackle these 25 DIY essentials for the great outdoors…

  • Camping Stool 1 of 25
    Camping Stool

    Get your trip started off on the right foot by building camping stools so you can sit and watch while they set up the tent.
    Get the tutorial at Design Sponge

  • Fishing Pole 2 of 25
    Fishing Pole

    Make your own fishing poles with bamboo.
    Get the tutorial at Imagine Childhood

  • Sleeping Bag Pack 3 of 25
    Sleeping Bag Pack

    The kids can help lighten the load by carrying their sleeping bags on their backs.
    Get the tutorial at Fleece Fun

  • Mason Jar Matchbox 4 of 25
    Mason Jar Matchbox

    Fill a mason jar with matches and add black sand paper to the top for a quick way to light them.
    Get the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous

  • Skewer Set 5 of 25
    Skewer Set

    Surprise your family with their own monogrammed skewers on the next trip.
    Get the tutorial at Design Sponge

  • Spices on the Run 6 of 25
    Spices on the Run

    Fill a daily pill container with spices for an easy way to transport them for outdoor cooking.
    Get the tutorial at The Kitchn.

  • Fire Starters 7 of 25
    Fire Starters

    Make building a fire a bit easier by using these homemade fire starters.
    Get the tutorial at Jermm's Outside

  • Waterproof Toiletry Bag 8 of 25
    Waterproof Toiletry Bag

    Pack this bag with all your shower essentials and don't fret if it gets wet.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby

  • Bug Spray and Herbal Astringent 9 of 25
    Bug Spray and Herbal Astringent

    Check out these helpful recipes for homemade bug spray and herbal astringent.
    Get the recipes at Mountain Rose

  • Camping Mat 10 of 25
    Camping Mat

    Whip up some comfy sitting mats to use around the camp fire.
    Get the tutorial at Kaboose

  • Neosporin on the Go 11 of 25
    Neosporin on the Go

    Save money by packing your own travel size Neosporin pouches in straws.
    Get the tutorial at Brian's Backpacking Blog

  • First Aid Kit Basics 12 of 25
    First Aid Kit Basics

    Keep track of all the important basics you need to add to your own first aid kit.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart

  • Lifesaver 13 of 25

    Since showers are not so prevalent, get out the grease with your own homemade dry shampoo.
    Get the recipe at Hookeable Designs

  • Sew Your Own Down Sleeping Bag 14 of 25
    Sew Your Own Down Sleeping Bag

    Feeling adventurous?
    Get the tutorial at Thru-Hiker

  • Jiffy and Votive Lantern 15 of 25
    Jiffy and Votive Lantern

    Use an old Jif peanut butter jar and battery operated votive candles to see your way in the dark.
    Get the tutorial at Made by Cynthia Rae

  • PVC Pipe Stools 16 of 25
    PVC Pipe Stools

    PVC pipe stools are just the right size for kids and are easy to pack away.
    Get the tutorial at Simple Simon and Co.

  • Toilet Paper Roll Fire Starters 17 of 25
    Toilet Paper Roll Fire Starters

    Build a fire with lint filled toilet paper rolls.
    Get the tutorial at The Green Wife

  • Bed Mat 18 of 25
    Bed Mat

    Ensure the kids get a good night's sleep by adding a little extra comfort with this nap mat.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby

  • Canvas Chair 19 of 25
    Canvas Chair

    Having a back rest on your chair can be a luxury after a long day of hiking.
    Get the tutorial at Instructables

  • Cozy Hammock 20 of 25
    Cozy Hammock

    Here is an easy way to enjoy the sun in a cozy hammock.
    Get the tutorial at Instructables

  • Individual Coffee Bags 21 of 25
    Individual Coffee Bags

    Use coffee filters filled with coffee for individual coffee bags.
    Get the tutorial at SC Johnson

  • Kayak Sail 22 of 25
    Kayak Sail

    Catch some wind and amp up the speed on your next kayaking trip.
    Get the tutorial at Speak to Robster

  • Tablecloth Weights 23 of 25
    Tablecloth Weights

    Keep your camping tablecloth from blowing away by adding weights.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart

  • Keep Mosquitos Away 24 of 25
    Keep Mosquitos Away

    Add sage to your fire to keep mosquitos away.
    Get the tutorial at Intuition Physician

  • Solar Powered Lights 25 of 25
    Solar Powered Lights

    Charge your jar lights all day and enjoy their bright light all night.
    Get the tutorial at Our Life in a Click


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