25 DIY Ideas for an Outdoor Movie Night

I am beyond excited to start planning outdoor movie nights. As a kid my family and I would go to them almost weekly throughout the summer at the nearby lake. Are you a fan of enjoying a film and the great outdoors, or do you prefer to be snuggled up in your warm home? Don’t get me wrong, I love curling up under the covers on the couch, but there is just something about enjoying the warm nights and a good movie. Surprisingly enough, outdoor movie nights are not very hard to put together. If you can get your hands on the basics – a white sheet, projector and a movie – you’re all set to go. Then you can add in all the fun extras like personalized concession boxes, a snack bar, and the many other goodies found in these 25 DIY Ideas for an Outdoor Movie Night…

  • Dropcloth Movie Screen 1 of 25
    Dropcloth Movie Screen
    Getting yourself a good screen is the first step for a successful outdoor movie night.
    Find out more at Prairie Hive.
  • Movie Tickets 2 of 25
    Movie Tickets
    Send out felt tickets in the invites and have the kids come back with them to the party.
    Find out more at Make the Best of Everything.
  • Personalized Concession Boxes 3 of 25
    Personalized Concession Boxes
    Give your friends their own personalized concession boxes to use.
    Get the tutorial at A Little Tipsy.
  • Rollie Pollie Cushions 4 of 25
    Rollie Pollie Cushions
    Fill the backyard with cushions for your guests to lounge on.
    Get the tutorial at So You Think You're Crafty.
  • Box Cars 5 of 25
    Box Cars
    Have the kids create their own box cars for the drive-in movie.
    Get the tutorial at Laugh Paint Create.
  • Glow Cones 6 of 25
    Glow Cones
    Set a glow stick between two plastic cups to get this colorful effect.
    Get the tutorial at Giver's Log.
  • Chalk Movie Sign 7 of 25
    Chalk Movie Sign
    It's not a movie night without a slate board.
    Get the tutorial at Wanna Be Craft.
  • Popcorn Bar 8 of 25
    Popcorn Bar
    Set up a popcorn bar full of freshly made popcorn and multiple toppings and seasonings.
    Find out more at Hostess with the Mostess.
  • Nap Mat Bed Roll 9 of 25
    Nap Mat Bed Roll
    Lay nap mats on the floor so the kids can get nice and cozy.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Lightning McQueen Cars 10 of 25
    Lightning McQueen Cars
    If your guests are big Cars fans they will definitely appreciate sitting in a Lightning McQueen car.
    Get the tutorial at The Dating Divas.
  • Drink Crate 11 of 25
    Drink Crate
    Fill an old crate with drinks for your guests to grab from.
    Find out more at Your Home Based Mom.
  • Mason Jar Party Drinks 12 of 25
    Mason Jar Party Drinks
    Since it's hard to see where you're going in the dark, avoid spills will these mason jar party drinks.
    Get the tutorial at The Idea Room.
  • Candy Concession Stand 13 of 25
    Candy Concession Stand
    Build your own candy concession stand out of a cardboard box.
    Get the tutorial at Party Planning Mom.
  • Movie Night Printables 14 of 25
    Movie Night Printables
    Print out these movie night printables to give to your guests or just have a movie night with your special sweetheart.
    Get the printable at b.loved.
  • Movie Night Bingo 15 of 25
    Movie Night Bingo
    Use this template or create a personalized bingo game of your own to play before the movie.
    Get the tutorial at Peppermint Creative.
  • Treat Cones 16 of 25
    Treat Cones
    Guests can fill their treat cones with candy and popcorn to snack on.
    Get the tutorial and printable at Smashed Peas and Carrots.
  • Waterproof Blanket 17 of 25
    Waterproof Blanket
    No need to panic about wet grass when all your guests can sit on waterproof blankets.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • Floor Cushions 18 of 25
    Floor Cushions
    Get situated in a perfect spot and plop down on your floor cushion.
    Get the tutorial at Living With Punks.
  • Concession Stand on Wheels 19 of 25
    Concession Stand on Wheels
    Avoid the hassle of carrying the treats from guest to guest by putting the concession stand inside a red wagon.
    Spotted at Celebrations at Home.
  • Apothecary Jars for Snack Bar 20 of 25
    Apothecary Jars for Snack Bar
    Customize apothecary jars to fill with candy at the snack bar.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Glow in the Dark Lanterns 21 of 25
    Glow in the Dark Lanterns
    Make special glow in the dark lanterns so your guests can see where they are going during the movie.
    Spotted at Hobbies on a Budget.
  • Sheet Screen 22 of 25
    Sheet Screen
    Keep costs low by using a twin sheet for your screen.
    Get the tutorial at Design Sponge.
  • Pillows Galore 23 of 25
    Pillows Galore
    Fill the floor with comfy pillows for your guests to curl up on.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Pillow Bed 24 of 25
    Pillow Bed
    Lay down comfortably on your pillow bed and enjoy the flick.
    Get the tutorial at Oopsey Daisy.
  • Movie Night Benches 25 of 25
    Movie Night Benches
    Set up a few benches with cushions for your friends to use.
    Get the tutorial at Unstitched.


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