25 DIY Magic Tricks

Magic tricks have always been one of those things that I absolutely loved and also couldn’t stand. It was never that I didn’t like them, I love them, but I can’t stand not knowing how it’s really done. Thankfully, there’s this wonderful thing called the internet that makes magic tricks accessible to everyone. After perfecting these 25 DIY Magic Tricks you’ll be able to wow your guests at any party or dinner for hours on end…

  • Read Their Minds 1 of 25
    Magically read your friend's mind and reveal it on paper.
    Find out more at Family Fun.
  • The Magical Cups and Balls Trick 2 of 25
    Make each ball magically go through the cups.
    Find out more at Wiki How.
  • Pick a Coin 3 of 25
    Fool your friends into thinking you are psychic by predicting the coin they placed under the cup.
    Find out more at Family Fun.
  • Push A Dime Through A Balloon 4 of 25
    This simple magic trick can be done anywhere you have a balloon, rubber band, coin and glass cup.
    Check it out at Instructables.
  • Rising Card Trick 5 of 25
    Magically make the chosen card rise up from the deck.
    Check it out at Youtube.
  • Turning Water Colors 6 of 25
    Learn how to magically turn water different colors and then make one cup erupt.
    Find out more at How Does She?.
  • Three Pencil Tricks 7 of 25
    Drive a pencil through your hand, stick it up your nose and come out your mouth, and make it levitate.
    Find out more at Grandparents.
  • Levitating 8 of 25
    Wow your friends by showing them how you can defy all odds by levitating.
    Find out more at Instructables.
  • Bending a Coin 9 of 25
    Create an optical illusion to make it look like you are bending a coin.
    Find out more at Kidspot.
  • Cold as Ice 10 of 25
    Turn water into ice instantly just by blowing on it.
    Find out more at eHow.
  • The Magic Color Stick 11 of 25
    Turn a multi-colored stick one solid color in the blink of an eye.
    Find out more at Instructables.
  • Tear and Restore Paper 12 of 25
    Tear up a paper towel and magically restore it back together.
    Find out more at Youtube.
  • Boomerang Change Up 13 of 25
    Instantly change the size of the boomerangs in seconds.
    Find out more at Magic.
  • The Sliced Banana 14 of 25
    Magically slice a banana without peeling it.
    Get the tutorial at Zakka Life.
  • Vanishing Salt Shaker 15 of 25
    Learn how to make a salt shaker magically disappear.
    Find out more at Grandparents.
  • Magical Stars 16 of 25
    This is a great magic trick for the young beginner. Learn how to make a star from toothpicks.
    Find out more at How Does She?.
  • Multiply Your Money 17 of 25
    Magically multiply your money. If only this were real.
    Check it out at Magic.
  • The Jumping Paper Clips 18 of 25
    Attach two paper clips to a dollar and see how they jump off and join together.
    Check it out at Magic.
  • Prediction Envelope 19 of 25
    Use your mind reading skills to predict the card chosen.
    Find out more at Grandparents.
  • The String of Steel 20 of 25
    Place a string through a straw and cut. Watch how the string stays intact.
    Find out more at Magic.
  • Make it Disappear 21 of 25
    Now you see it, now you don't. Learn the secret behind making a pipe cleaner disappear.
    Find out more at Family Fun.
  • The Floating Orb 22 of 25
    Let science help you create the illusion of a floating orb.
    Spotted at Spoonful.
  • Magic Moving Straw 23 of 25
    Guide a straw with your hand, but without touching it.
    Find out more at Buzzfeed.
  • Flip Flopping Bills 24 of 25
    Watch as the two bills magically switch places.
    Spotted at Magic.
  • Predicting the Crayon 25 of 25
    Have someone place a crayon behind your back and predict the right color every time.
    Find out more at Spoonful.

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