25 DIY Nativity Scenes

Although I’ve just finished adding the final touches to our Thanksgiving decor, I’m itching to start on Christmas decorations. The mistletoe is patiently waiting on the mantle and the Nativity scene is peeking out of the box. If you’ve been brainstorming some Christmas DIY projects, you should add a Nativity to the list. Pull out the clay, pipe cleaners, and even toilet paper rolls to start making one of these 25 DIY Nativity Scenes…

  • Wooden Nativity 1 of 25
    Wooden Nativity
    Pick up wooden doll bodies from your local craft store and cover them in scrap fabric clothes.
    Check it out at Little Inspirations.
  • Spools and Beads 2 of 25
    Spools and Beads
    Make a Nativity scene using spools and doll bead heads.
    Find out more at Holes in My Shiny Veneer.
  • Tissue Box Nativity 3 of 25
    Tissue Box Nativity
    Recycle a tissue box by turning it into a manger for your Nativity scene.
    Find out more at Yahoo.
  • Felt Nativity 4 of 25
    Felt Nativity
    Download the template and instructions for making your own felt Nativity.
    Find out more at You Can Make This.
  • For the Kids 5 of 25
    For the Kids
    Print out the Nativity scene, color and glue it to toilet paper tubes.
    Find out more at Catholic Icing.
  • Clay Pot Nativity 6 of 25
    Clay Pot Nativity
    Turn clay pots into a full Nativity scene that will last.
    Find out more at Craftily Ever After.
  • Finger Puppet Nativity 7 of 25
    Finger Puppet Nativity
    Get the free download for making your own felt finger puppet Nativity scene.
    Find out more at The Idea Room.
  • Simple is Key 8 of 25
    Simple is Key
    Use wood rectangles and ball knobs to make this super simple Nativity scene
    Find out more at Learning to B Me.
  • Block Nativity 9 of 25
    Block Nativity
    Paint a Nativity scene on separate blocks. Have the kids help paint.
    Find out more at Gingersnap Crafts.
  • Cardboard Nativity 10 of 25
    Cardboard Nativity
    Make your own Nativity scene out of cardboard cutouts.
    Find out more at Babyccino.
  • Silhouette or Cutouts 11 of 25
    Silhouette or Cutouts
    Cut out a Nativity scene on black paper using your Silhouette, or simply by following a stencil or image. Place it against a candle holder for the image to reflect onto a wall.
    Find out more at The Nester.
  • Print & Glue Nativity 12 of 25
    Print & Glue Nativity
    This is also a block Nativity, but instead of painting the images on they printed them out and glued them on.
    Find out more at Masons Roost.
  • Wooden Cutouts 13 of 25
    Wooden Cutouts
    If you have the skills, use these patterns to cut out your own Nativity from wood.
    Find out more at Under My Polka-Dot Umbrella.
  • Nativity in a Globe 14 of 25
    Nativity in a Globe
    Print the Nativity image on a transparency and place inside an ornament. So easy.
    Find out more at The Sewer, The Caker the Copy Cat Maker.
  • I Spy Nativity 15 of 25
    I Spy Nativity
    Fill an ornament with tiny Nativity scene parts and a filler to turn it into an I Spy game ornament.
    Find out more at Chasing Cheerios.
  • Print and Build 16 of 25
    Print and Build
    That's all you have to do for this simple Nativity.
    Find out more at How About Orange.
  • Matchbox Advent Calendar 17 of 25
    Matchbox Advent Calendar
    Build an entire Nativity using matchboxes and have it double as an Advent calendar.
    Find out more at Digit Prop.
  • Clay Nativity 18 of 25
    Clay Nativity
    Use clay to make this beautiful Nativity scene. She also includes steps for almost every character.
    Find out more at Then She Made.
  • Clothespin Nativity 19 of 25
    Clothespin Nativity
    Turn simple clothespins into the Nativity.
    Find out more at Lipstick and Laundry.
  • Gingerbread Nativity 20 of 25
    Gingerbread Nativity
    Instead of making a gingerbread house this year make a Nativity scene with cookies and candy.
    Find out more at Rotin Rice.
  • Yard Nativity 21 of 25
    Yard Nativity
    Get the tutorial and free pattern for making your own front yard Nativity out of wood.
    Find out more at I Heart Naptime.
  • Magnetic Nativity 22 of 25
    Magnetic Nativity
    Put Nativity stickers on a magnetic sheet and trace out each image.
    Find out more at A Little Tipsy.
  • Printable Ornaments 23 of 25
    Printable Ornaments
    Print out the set of Nativity ornaments and hang on the tree.
    Find out more at Youth Leader Stash.
  • Hand Puppets 24 of 25
    Hand Puppets
    Download the pattern and instructions to make a complete hand puppet Nativity.
    Find out more at Embellish Goods.
  • Yarn and Pipe Cleaner Nativity 25 of 25
    Yarn and Pipe Cleaner Nativity
    This is a great project for you and the kids to work on little by little.
    Find out more at Family Fun.


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