25 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Projects (Mostly No Carve)

washi tape pumpkins

Have you thought about decorating pumpkins yet?  If not, hopefully these DIY pumpkin decorating projects will get you in the mood.  Just a few are carved, but all of these decorating ideas can be used on real OR fake pumpkins.  So for about 80% of these project ideas, you don’t need a knife – and for all of them you don’t have to gut a pumpkin.  And that means you can get started early with your pumpkin crafting!  I love Halloween and pumpkins, so I’m ready.  One idea I definitely want to try are the washi tape pumpkins above.  After that, I can decide.  Which of the following ideas do you like best?  Let me know after the jump.

  • Hoo Are You 1 of 24
    Fancy owls for fall with just a few cut outs and a bit of glue.

    Get the instructions at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Trendy Black and White 2 of 24
    Capture the faces of your loved ones in sophisticated colors.

    Learn how it's done at HGTV

  • Tasty Treat 3 of 24
    Yummy snacks can make a silly and fun jack o' lantern.

    Find out how to make this character at Martha Stewart

  • Fancy and Fashionable 4 of 24
    Lacy tights are a no mess way to make a pumpkin pretty.

    See how to do it at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Write On It 5 of 24
    Chalkboard paint enables you to write a spooky message on a pumpkin surface.

    Get the step-by-step at Zakka Life

  • Modern Metallic 6 of 24
    Shimmer and shine add sophistication to your Halloween decor.

    Learn how these were made at Making It Lovely

  • Critter Filled 7 of 24
    Fake mice and a few holes are all you need for this porch decor.

    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart

  • Good Enough for Cinderella 8 of 24
    This fantasy pumpkin is perfect for a party table.

    See the instructions at Kinser Event Company

  • Disco Diva 9 of 24
    This pumpkin sparkles with multicolor sequins.

    Find out how it was done at The Rabens Family

  • Wrap It Up 10 of 24
    Cheesecloth, Mod Podge and googly eyes are all you need for this mummy pumpkin.

    Get the full instructions at Plaid

  • Sweater Vest 11 of 24
    Careful measurement and a little paint result in this argyle patterned pumpkin.

    See the step-by-step tutorial at Max and Ellie

  • Simple and Chic 12 of 24
    Leftover paint and tape are all you need for a modern pumpkin centerpiece.

    Learn how these were made at Happy Mundane

  • Stunning Porch Decor 13 of 24
    Customize pumpkins with simple stencils and some spray paint.

    Get the full instructions at All You

  • Apron String Patchwork 14 of 24
    Simple fabric strips and Mod Podge make this pumpkin unique.

    Learn about the inspiration at Dollheads

  • Sparkle Skeleton 15 of 24
    Turn clip art into pumpkin decor with just a few steps.

    See the step-by-step at Paint Me Plaid

  • Spider Bling 16 of 24
    Silver sequins and rhinestones add a bit of sparkle to your pumpkin decor.

    Get the instructions at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Mop of Hair 17 of 24
    Basic hardware store items make this jack o' lantern.

    Find out how to make this project at Lowe's Creative Ideas

  • Good Enough to Eat 18 of 24
    With three paint colors you can have these on the porch in minutes.

    Get more details at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Doily Enhanced 19 of 24
    A dollar store doily and some paint is all you need for this pumpkin accent.

    Find the full instructions at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Sophisticated Metals 20 of 24
    Consider painting pumpkins in metallics for a dramatic display.

    See the inspiration at Wild Ink

  • Fun With Ribbon 21 of 24
    Mini pumpkins get a makeover with glue and ribbon scraps.

    Get the step-by-step at Good Housekeeping

  • Pumpkin Family 22 of 24
    A pumpkin family makes a big impression with visitors.

    See how to make them at Good Housekeeping

  • Candy Coated 23 of 24
    With glue and candy corn you can make this easy conversation piece.

    Learn more about the project at A Little Art Can't Hurt

  • Fresh and Simple 24 of 24
    Upholstery tacks and a hammer give these these pumpkins a unique look.

    Find the instructions at My Home Ideas

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