25 DIY Spring Wreaths

Bring the bright colors of spring into your home with a colorful wreath. Use burlap ribbon and moss for a rustic look, or decorate with vibrant felt flowers. Be inspired by nature by making a wreath of tulips or succulents. Start crafting away and have the kids join in the on the fun in making these 25 DIY Spring Wreaths…

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  • Burlap and Felt 2 of 26
    Wrap burlap around the wreath frame and add your own selection of homemade felt and burlap flowers.
    Find out more at Piccadilly Peddler.
  • Polka Dots and Stripes 3 of 26
    Paint pretty polka dots onto your wreath using a circle sponge.
    Find out more at Positively Splendid.
  • All Year Round 4 of 26
    Reuse a fall wreath for spring and make it different by adding baby eggs and a basket.
    Find out more at The Charm of Home.
  • Wrapped in Pink 5 of 26
    Wrap a wreath with pink yarn, decorate with felt flowers and styrofoam eggs, add a sparkling bunny to the middle.
    Find out more at Too Stinkin Cute.
  • Easter Egg Hunt 6 of 26
    Make a wreath that looks like a bird's nest with eggs, burlap, and moss.
    Find out more at I Love You More Than Carrots.
  • Ring of Flowers 7 of 26
    Hot glue flowers to a small wreath frame for this simple and beautiful spring wreath.
    Check it out at Lovelies in My Life.
  • Tulips All Around 8 of 26
    Decorate your door with a burst of spring tulips.
    Find out more at Copy Cat Looks.
  • Welcome Spring! 9 of 26
    Set a chalkboard in the middle of your wreath and use it to write welcoming messages on.
    Check it out at My Blessed Life.
  • Colorblock and Lace 10 of 26
    Use different colored yarn and a hint of lace to make this pretty wreath.
    Find out more at My Creative Brightside.
  • Flowers and Toadstools 11 of 26
    Be inspired by all parts of nature, even the fungus among us.
    Find out more at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.
  • Lemony Sweet 12 of 26
    Paint ping pong balls to look like lemons and cover in glitter to make it look like sugar coated lemons.
    Find out more at A Soft Place.
  • Fun and Fancy Free 13 of 26
    Grab a green feather boa to make this fluffy spring wreath.
    Find out more at A Cultivated Nest.
  • Rattan Ball Wreath 14 of 26
    Get all the supplies you need to make this wreath at the dollar store.
    Find out more at Dollar Store Mom.
  • Felt Flower Wreath 15 of 26
    Learn the many different felt flower styles you can make and put them together to make a wreath.
    Find out more at A-Made.
  • Full Flower Wreath 16 of 26
    Pick out full and colorful flowers to attach to a wreath form.
    Check it out at How to Newst for Less.
  • A Wreath Full of Eggs 17 of 26
    Decorate a wreath with sweet and delicious malted milk eggs.
    Find out more at Delish.
  • Succulent Wreath 18 of 26
    Follow the steps for learning how to make a vibrant succulent wreath.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Paper Spring Wreath 19 of 26
    This is a great and fun craft to do with the kids.
    Check it out at iVaalex.
  • Scrap Fabric Wreath 20 of 26
    Pick out your pretty scrap fabrics and knot them to this wreath.
    Find out more at Hip Home.
  • Sweet Candy Wreath 21 of 26
    Use pastel colored Easter candy to make this pretty spring wreath.
    Find out more at Anna and Blue.
  • Peep Wreath 22 of 26
    Get festive with a wreath full of colorful peeps.
    Find out more at Tried & True.
  • Bunny Wreath 23 of 26
    Make a wreath that actually looks like a cute little bunny.
    Find out more at Simplicity in the South.
  • Paint Chip Wreath 24 of 26
    Put your paint chips to use with this wreath.
    Find out more at Sister's Suitcase.
  • Neutrals in Spring 25 of 26
    This is such a pretty spring wreath that is not full of vibrant colors.
    Check it out at The Art of Doing Stuff.
  • Bunting on a Wreath 26 of 26
    A cute little addition to any wreath is stringing a small bunting across.
    Find out more at Crafts Unleashed.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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