25 DIY Spring Wreaths

Bring the bright colors of spring into your home with a colorful wreath. Use burlap ribbon and moss for a rustic look, or decorate with vibrant felt flowers. Be inspired by nature by making a wreath of tulips or succulents. Start crafting away and have the kids join in the on the fun in making these 25 DIY Spring Wreaths…

  • 25 DIY Spring Wreaths 1 of 26
    25 DIY Spring Wreaths
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  • Burlap and Felt 2 of 26
    Burlap and Felt
    Wrap burlap around the wreath frame and add your own selection of homemade felt and burlap flowers.
    Find out more at Piccadilly Peddler.
  • Polka Dots and Stripes 3 of 26
    Polka Dots and Stripes
    Paint pretty polka dots onto your wreath using a circle sponge.
    Find out more at Positively Splendid.
  • All Year Round 4 of 26
    All Year Round
    Reuse a fall wreath for spring and make it different by adding baby eggs and a basket.
    Find out more at The Charm of Home.
  • Wrapped in Pink 5 of 26
    Wrapped in Pink
    Wrap a wreath with pink yarn, decorate with felt flowers and styrofoam eggs, add a sparkling bunny to the middle.
    Find out more at Too Stinkin Cute.
  • Easter Egg Hunt 6 of 26
    Easter Egg Hunt
    Make a wreath that looks like a bird's nest with eggs, burlap, and moss.
    Find out more at I Love You More Than Carrots.
  • Ring of Flowers 7 of 26
    Ring of Flowers
    Hot glue flowers to a small wreath frame for this simple and beautiful spring wreath.
    Check it out at Lovelies in My Life.
  • Tulips All Around 8 of 26
    Tulips All Around
    Decorate your door with a burst of spring tulips.
    Find out more at Copy Cat Looks.
  • Welcome Spring! 9 of 26
    Welcome Spring!
    Set a chalkboard in the middle of your wreath and use it to write welcoming messages on.
    Check it out at My Blessed Life.
  • Colorblock and Lace 10 of 26
    Colorblock and Lace
    Use different colored yarn and a hint of lace to make this pretty wreath.
    Find out more at My Creative Brightside.
  • Flowers and Toadstools 11 of 26
    Flowers and Toadstools
    Be inspired by all parts of nature, even the fungus among us.
    Find out more at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.
  • Lemony Sweet 12 of 26
    Lemony Sweet
    Paint ping pong balls to look like lemons and cover in glitter to make it look like sugar coated lemons.
    Find out more at A Soft Place.
  • Fun and Fancy Free 13 of 26
    Fun and Fancy Free
    Grab a green feather boa to make this fluffy spring wreath.
    Find out more at A Cultivated Nest.
  • Rattan Ball Wreath 14 of 26
    Rattan Ball Wreath
    Get all the supplies you need to make this wreath at the dollar store.
    Find out more at Dollar Store Mom.
  • Felt Flower Wreath 15 of 26
    Felt Flower Wreath
    Learn the many different felt flower styles you can make and put them together to make a wreath.
    Find out more at A-Made.
  • Full Flower Wreath 16 of 26
    Full Flower Wreath
    Pick out full and colorful flowers to attach to a wreath form.
    Check it out at How to Newst for Less.
  • A Wreath Full of Eggs 17 of 26
    A Wreath Full of Eggs
    Decorate a wreath with sweet and delicious malted milk eggs.
    Find out more at Delish.
  • Succulent Wreath 18 of 26
    Succulent Wreath
    Follow the steps for learning how to make a vibrant succulent wreath.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Paper Spring Wreath 19 of 26
    Paper Spring Wreath
    This is a great and fun craft to do with the kids.
    Check it out at iVaalex.
  • Scrap Fabric Wreath 20 of 26
    Scrap Fabric Wreath
    Pick out your pretty scrap fabrics and knot them to this wreath.
    Find out more at Hip Home.
  • Sweet Candy Wreath 21 of 26
    Sweet Candy Wreath
    Use pastel colored Easter candy to make this pretty spring wreath.
    Find out more at Anna and Blue.
  • Peep Wreath 22 of 26
    Peep Wreath
    Get festive with a wreath full of colorful peeps.
    Find out more at Tried & True.
  • Bunny Wreath 23 of 26
    Bunny Wreath
    Make a wreath that actually looks like a cute little bunny.
    Find out more at Simplicity in the South.
  • Paint Chip Wreath 24 of 26
    Paint Chip Wreath
    Put your paint chips to use with this wreath.
    Find out more at Sister's Suitcase.
  • Neutrals in Spring 25 of 26
    Neutrals in Spring
    This is such a pretty spring wreath that is not full of vibrant colors.
    Check it out at The Art of Doing Stuff.
  • Bunting on a Wreath 26 of 26
    Bunting on a Wreath
    A cute little addition to any wreath is stringing a small bunting across.
    Find out more at Crafts Unleashed.


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