25 DIY Toys for Learning

As much as I’m a fan of dressing up like princesses or crushing towers of blocks with my kids, I really do try to incorporate education in any way I can. Hey let’s open up that workbook you have, doesn’t always sound the most enticing so we try to make it fun with crafts and toys. We made our own magnetic alphabet a while back and it’s still a big hit, now we are using it to work on short words. Check out these 25 DIY Toys for Learning to find fun tutorials to practice numbers, letters, math, science, and more…

  • Shapes, Colors and Coordination 1 of 25
    Practice mastering these three skills with this homemade game.
    Check it out at Play and Grow.
  • Pillow Clock 2 of 25
    Learn how to tell time with a pillow clock.
    Spotted at Silly Pearl.
  • Memory Board 3 of 25
    Add colors, farm animals and numbers to the other side of bottle caps. Make a board and begin to play.
    Check it out at Play and Grow.
  • Practicing Numbers and Letters 4 of 25
    Make fabric and magnet numbers and letters to place all over the house.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • States and Capitals 5 of 25
    This is a great way to get the kids brushing up on states and capitals.
    Find out more at Crate Paper.
  • Fishing for Math 6 of 25
    Exercise math skills whether it be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division with this fishy math game you can take on the go.
    Check it out at Cricut.
  • Color Matching and Exploring 7 of 25
    Take an egg carton with you on your next outing. Fill each hole with a color and start your search for something in nature that matches each color.
    Spotted at Family Fun.
  • Rubber Band Learning 8 of 25
    Work on the alphabet and shapes with rubber bands.
    Check it out at Play and Grow.
  • Paint Chips for Reading 9 of 25
    Find out how this smart mom used paint chips and a handy list of words to help her kids read.
    Check it out at The Snails Trail.
  • Felt Fractions 10 of 25
    Learning fractions can be tough so spend an afternoon making cute fraction circles out of felt with the kids to help them practice.
    Spotted at Counting Coconuts.
  • Fastening Fun 11 of 25
    Make wood frames, or use old picture frames and attach pieces of cloth with different fasteners to help the kids practice their zipper, button and snap skills.
    Find out more at Frau Liebe.
  • Categorizing Clouds 12 of 25
    Print out this cloud chart and go outside each day to start learning and recognizing each type of cloud.
    Find out more at Frau Liebe.
  • Guess Who? 13 of 25
    Turn your game of Guess Who? Into a great way to learn about the presidents.
    Spotted at Go Radio.
  • Light Up the Planets 14 of 25
    Have an afternoon of learning all about the planets and painting tap lights according to each planets color.
    Get more ideas at Play At Home Mom.
  • Bath Time Fun 15 of 25
    Make pop up alphabet sponges to take into the bath.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • It’s a Buggy World 16 of 25
    Use a bug catcher to get up close and personal to bugs to see how they move and eat for some science fun.
    Find out more at The Mama Dramalogues.
  • Bongo/ Rice Shakers 17 of 25
    Have fun with music by making your own bongo, rice shakers.
    Find out more at Minieco.
  • Concentration Game 18 of 25
    Exercise concentration and memory with this homemade game.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Mini Worlds 19 of 25
    Have fun getting dirty and learning about different kinds of plants with kid-friendly terrariums.
    Find out more at Make and Takes.
  • Activity Blocks 20 of 25
    Practice words, sounds and letters with Dr. Seuss Activity Blocks.
    Find out more at Sugar Bee Crafts.
  • Hop & Count 21 of 25
    Run off some energy while practicing numbers and counting with hopscotch.
    Find out more at A Girl & A Glue Gun.
  • Spelling Bean Bags 22 of 25
    Use these bean bags as a fun way to help them with reading.
    Spotted at Chez Beeper Bebe.
  • Music Time 23 of 25
    Rock out on a guitar you can make from cardboard.
    Get the tutorial at Minieco.
  • Introducing Dominos 24 of 25
    Make a set of dominos to help the kids practice counting and numbers. Have a game night to practice.
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Science Has You Bouncing Off the Walls 25 of 25
    Make bouncy balls from stuff you may already have at home and learn how you can also turn it into a fun science project.
    Find out more at Curbly .

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