25 DIY Winter Essentials Just for You

Get cozy and warm, while still looking stylish, with these adorable and simple tutorials. Have some fun with faux fur by making a no-sew fur collar or fur hat. Also, learn the simple technique for turning your gloves into touchscreen gloves. Check it out in these 25 DIY Winter Essentials Just for You…

  • Cozy Fur Hat 1 of 25
    Cozy Fur Hat
    No need to spend the money on one when you can make it yourself.
    Check it out at See Kate Sew.
  • Vintage-Inspired Fur Collar 2 of 25
    Vintage-Inspired Fur Collar
    No sewing required for this beauty.
    Find out more at Clones 'n Clowns.
  • Foxy Mittens 3 of 25
    Foxy Mittens
    Knit yourself a pair of cute fox mittens.
    Find out more at Petite Purls.
  • Winter Hand Muff 4 of 25
    Winter Hand Muff
    Take it back to the old days with a cute hand muff.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Touchscreen Gloves 5 of 25
    Touchscreen Gloves
    With a simple technique you can turn your gloves into touchscreen ones.
    Find out more at La Vie DIY.
  • Foxy Scarf 6 of 25
    Foxy Scarf
    Drape the cutest little fox around your neck. Best part, the tutorial comes with a free pattern.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • Sparkly Fingerless Gloves 7 of 25
    Sparkly Fingerless Gloves
    Use a pair of knee high socks to make long fingerless gloves.
    Check it out at Plan B.
  • Ruffled Gloves 8 of 25
    Ruffled Gloves
    Add a little ruffle to your gloves with this easy tutorial.
    Find out more at Anderson Family Crew.
  • Plaid Infinity Scarf 9 of 25
    Plaid Infinity Scarf
    Sew a plaid scarf that really makes a statement.
    Check it out at H is for Handmade.
  • Fur Ear Muffs 10 of 25
    Fur Ear Muffs
    Make yourself a cute pair of ear muffs with fur.
    Find out more at Haute Talk.
  • Beanie from a Sweater 11 of 25
    Beanie from a Sweater
    Check out how to make a beanie from a sweater.
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Button Scarf 12 of 25
    Button Scarf
    One of the easiest scarves to make.
    Spotted at PS: Heart.
  • Turban Beanie 13 of 25
    Turban Beanie
    Turn a regular beanie into a cute turban beanie.
    Find out more at Made in Pretoria.
  • Felt Flower Scarf 14 of 25
    Felt Flower Scarf
    Gather up some felt to make a pretty flower scarf.
    Spotted at Watch Me Daddy.
  • Leg Warmers from a Sweater 15 of 25
    Leg Warmers from a Sweater
    Use a cable knit sweater to make short leg warmers that come above your boots.
    Check it out at Elle and Blair.
  • Mittens from a Sweater 16 of 25
    Mittens from a Sweater
    Upcycle an old sweater into a cozy pair of mittens.
    Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Full-Length Leg Warmers 17 of 25
    Full-Length Leg Warmers
    Calling all knitters! Here is a great tutorial for you.
    Find out more at Versus.
  • Floral Ear Warmers 18 of 25
    Floral Ear Warmers
    Protect your ears from the cold and look adorable at the same time.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Braided Scarf 19 of 25
    Braided Scarf
    Make a braided scarf from an t-shirt.
    Spotted at La Vie DIY.
  • Faux Fur Boot Cuffs 20 of 25
    Faux Fur Boot Cuffs
    Change up your boots by adding a boot cuff you can take on and off.
    Spotted at Tasha Delrae.
  • Pocket Scarf 21 of 25
    Pocket Scarf
    Add pockets to an existing scarf.
    Find out more at I Spy DIY.
  • Warm Wrap Cape 22 of 25
    Warm Wrap Cape
    Stay warm with a tweed wrap cape.
    Find out more at In Honor of Design.
  • Braided Beanie 23 of 25
    Braided Beanie
    Sew a braided beanie from an old sweater.
    Check it out at See Kate Sew.
  • Cape from a Blazer 24 of 25
    Cape from a Blazer
    Sew a cape from an existing blazer or jacket you have.
    Spotted at Schwurlie.
  • Upcycled Hooded Scarf 25 of 25
    Upcycled Hooded Scarf
    Upcycle a cozy sweater into an even cozier hooded scarf.
    Find out more at Needles and Nest.

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier DIY destination for crafty moms seeking ways to make their lives even more stylish and beautiful. She can also be found on Babble’s the New Home Ec.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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