25 DIYs for a Geometric Home

Triangles, squares, rectangles, and all other geometric shapes are popping up in home decor left and right. Instead of spending a fortune on a piece of geometric wall art for the living room, just make some. Brighten up your couch with a geometric patterned pillow, and even decorate the baby’s nursery with a geometric birch bunting. Check out more ways to decorate with these 25 DIYs for a Geometric Home.

  • Paper Wall Art 1 of 25
    Paper Wall Art
    Make geometric wall art using colored and metallic paper.
    Find out more at Craft Tuts.
  • Kitchen Makeover 2 of 25
    Kitchen Makeover
    Give your kitchen a new look by using tape or stickers to create geometric shapes.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Wood Cutting Board 3 of 25
    Wood Cutting Board
    Use a jigsaw to cut out a cutting board in a fun geometric shape. Make a couple that fix together.
    Check it out at Oh Happy Day.
  • Welcome Mat 4 of 25
    Welcome Mat
    This is a quick and easy afternoon project to do.
    Find out more at Miss Renaissance.
  • Throw Pillows 5 of 25
    Throw Pillows
    Pick out some fun geometric fabric to make pillows with.
    Find out more at Vanilla and Lace.
  • A New Look 6 of 25
    A New Look
    Use plastic contact paper to add geometric shapes to a bookshelf.
    Find out more at My Second Hand Life.
  • Geometric and Colorful Mobile 7 of 25
    Geometric and Colorful Mobile
    Print out the shapes to make this colorful mobile.
    Find out more at Paper Runway.
  • Decahedron Himmeli Mobile 8 of 25
    Decahedron Himmeli Mobile
    Use straws to make this beautiful mobile. Spray paint it to make it a different color.
    Find out more at Aunt Peaches.
  • Floor or Wall Tiles 9 of 25
    Floor or Wall Tiles
    Cut hardboard into squares to use for fun floor tiles for the kids. When they're not in use, hang them on the wall.
    Check it out at Mer Mag.
  • Clay Paperweights 10 of 25
    Clay Paperweights
    These would make a cool gift that you could paint all sorts of colors.
    Spotted at Dot Coms for Moms.
  • Color Votives 11 of 25
    Color Votives
    Section off geometric shapes with tape and then simply paint the designs in.
    Find out more at Ruffled Blog.
  • Place Card Holders 12 of 25
    Place Card Holders
    If you have a special event coming up, make geometric place card holders.
    Find out more at Ruffled Blog.
  • Geometric Backdrop 13 of 25
    Geometric Backdrop
    Instead of changing up a wall by painting it, make a geometric backdrop.
    Find out more at Project Wedding.
  • Paint Wall Art 14 of 25
    Paint Wall Art
    Pull out your paintbrush and get to work.
    Find out more at My Color Paints.
  • Embroidery Hoop Cork Boards 15 of 25
    Embroidery Hoop Cork Boards
    Stay organized by putting up these geometric painted cork boards on your wall.
    Find out more at Paint me Plaid.
  • Geometric on a Dresser 16 of 25
    Geometric on a Dresser
    Check out how to add a fun geometric print to your dresser.
    Find out more at How to Gal.
  • Springtime Coasters 17 of 25
    Springtime Coasters
    Get ready for spring a little early with geometric coasters in spring colors.
    Find out more at Crafted Blog.
  • Faceted Vase 18 of 25
    Faceted Vase
    Use the template to learn how to make this pretty vase.
    Find out more at Oh Happy Day.
  • Geometric Tray 19 of 25
    Geometric Tray
    Add color and design to a wooden tray by painting triangles on it.
    Spotted at Carnets Parisiens.
  • Geometric Doorknobs 20 of 25
    Geometric Doorknobs
    Instead of painting geometric shapes onto your dresser, just add colorful doorknobs.
    Find out more at Design Love Fest.
  • Egg Cup Planters 21 of 25
    Egg Cup Planters
    Print out the triangles and decorate your egg cup planters.
    Find out more at Penelope and Pip.
  • Hanging Planters 22 of 25
    Hanging Planters
    Build a geometric hanging planter to put in or outside your home.
    Find out more at So Cool Gifts.
  • Block Printing 23 of 25
    Block Printing
    Learn how to block print a geometric pattern onto your home furniture.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Geometric Birch Bunting 24 of 25
    Geometric Birch Bunting
    Use cute birch straws to make geometric bunting for your home.
    Find out more at Whimsey Box.
  • Geometric Quilt 25 of 25
    Geometric Quilt
    Sew up a gorgeous geometric quilt for someone you know.
    Find out more at The Purl Bee.

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier DIY destination for crafty moms seeking ways to make their lives even more stylish and beautiful. She can also be found on Babble’s the New Home Ec.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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