24 Hanukkah Crafts and DIY Menorahs

Hanukkah is quickly approaching which means it’s time to start thinking about those crafts. Instead of purchasing a menorah this year try making one of your own. You could make one out of baby food jars, cookies or even animal toys. Decorate the home with a Star of David garland or give a friend a homemade dreidel game set. There are so many creative ideas out there. What creative handmade gifts have you come up with for Hannukah? Check out all 25 DIY Menorah and Hannukah Crafts after the jump.

  • Sparkly Animal Toy Menorah 1 of 24
    Use an old toy to make a fun and unique menorah.
    Get the tutorial at Aunt Peaches.
  • Felt Wreath 2 of 24
    Add a felt wreath to the door to celebrate.
    Get the tutorial at Felt So Cute.
  • Hanukkah Tree 3 of 24
    Create your own tree for a Hanukkah party.
    Check it out at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Plaster Menorah 4 of 24
    If you have not worked with plaster before this is a great first time craft.
    Get the tutorial at kveller.
  • Gilded Jar Menorah 5 of 24
    This gilded jar menorah is easy to make and looks beautiful.
    Get the tutorial at Aunt Peaches.
  • Toddler Safe Menorah 6 of 24
    Have the kids help you create this toddler safe craft.
    Get the tutorial at Instructables.
  • Baby Food Jar Menorah 7 of 24
    Baby food jars can be used for just about everything, even menorahs.
    Get the tutorial at aParently Speaking.
  • Dreidel Garland 8 of 24
    Isn't this such a pretty dreidel garland?
    Get the tutorial at Craftplace.
  • Painted Glass Bottle Menorah 9 of 24
    Simply paint glass bottles white and add blue candles to make this beautiful menorah.
    Find out more at Ready Made.
  • Dreidel Game Pouches 10 of 24
    A dreidel game pouch is a great gift to give to your friends.
    Check it out at The Purl Bee.
  • Alphabet Block Menorah 11 of 24
    Alphabet blocks are such a creative idea and look adorable.
    Get the tutorial at Creative Jewish Mom.
  • Hanukkah Fleece Pom Pom Garland 12 of 24
    What a stunning decoration for the home.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • Star Punched Hurricane Vase 13 of 24
    These hurricane vases make for a very pretty center piece.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • Ikea Menorah 14 of 24
    A fun and inexpensive menorah with a unique style.
    Get the tutorial at Forty-Two Roads.
  • Wood Beads, Weels, and Spools Menorah 15 of 24
    Painting and constructing a menorah out of wood is a fun project for you and the kids.
    Get the tutorial at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Dreidel Game Set 16 of 24
    Hand out dreidel games in a jar to your loved ones for a Hanukkah gift.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Hanukkah Paper cones 17 of 24
    Pack these festive cones with Hanukkah gelt and special treats for the little ones.
    Find out more at Disney Family Fun.
  • Star Garland 18 of 24
    These stars are made out of paper but you could even try scraps of fabric to make this garland.
    Check it out at Alaska, Long Beach.
  • Cookie Menorah 19 of 24
    This menorah doesn't only look great, it tastes great too.
    Get the tutorial at Sweet Designs.
  • Hanging Star of David 20 of 24
    This is a fun project for the kids to do to decorate the home.
    Check it out at Kaboose.
  • Dreidel Paper Dolls 21 of 24
    Use recycled shopping bags to create a multitude of dreidel paper dolls.
    Get the tutorial at Bringing Chesed Home.
  • Paper Dreidel 22 of 24
    Martha Stewart provides you with a template and instructions to create these pretty dreidel boxes.
    Get the template and tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • Hanukkah Button Art 23 of 24
    This button art looks beautiful and will last for years to come.
    Get the tutorial at Creative Jewish Mom.
  • Spool Menorah 24 of 24
    This is the perfect menorah for those who love to sew. It's just so cute.
    Check it out at Parents.

For more Hanukkah crafts, visit PrudentBaby.com for Handmade Hanukkah

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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