25 Last Minute Easter Basket Add-Ins

Easter is coming up quick, and between school and activities it’s not always the easy to run out for a few more Easter treats. These Easter add-ins are perfect for adding that finishing touch to their basket and can be picked up at your local drugstore, ordered for speedy deliver, or handcrafted by you!

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  • Gardening Tools 2 of 26
    Gardening Tools
    Surprise the kids with sets of their own gardening tools.
    Buy them at Amazon for $10.84.
  • Easter Stickers 3 of 26
    Easter Stickers
    Print out these free Easter stickers.
    Find out more at Mermag.
  • Cute Slippers 4 of 26
    Cute Slippers
    Keep their toes warm with a new pair of slippers.
    Purchase at Amazon for $14.59.
  • Animal Masks 5 of 26
    Animal Masks
    Download the printable template and cut out the shapes, poke holes on the sides for a piece of elastic.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Play-Doh 6 of 26
    It's especially good when it comes in the shape of Easter eggs.
    Purchase at Amazon for $19.39.
  • Finger Puppets 7 of 26
    Finger Puppets
    Use the pattern to cut out the egg shapes and glue or sew together to make finger puppets.
    Find out more at Wild Olive.
  • Origami Bunnies 8 of 26
    Origami Bunnies
    Fill origami bunnies with special Easter treats.
    Find out more at Oh So Very Pretty.
  • Cascarones 9 of 26
    Hollow out a few extra eggs and fill them with confetti for the kids to smash.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Easter Book 10 of 26
    Easter Book
    Add a new book to their collection that goes along with the Easter theme, like The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
    Purchase at Amazon for $6.17.
  • Music Shakers 11 of 26
    Music Shakers
    They will surely love to make music with their shakers.
    Find out more at Mama Smiles.
  • Sidewalk Chalk 12 of 26
    Sidewalk Chalk
    Replenish their sidewalk chalk supply with a bunch of new colors.
    Find out more at Amazon.
  • Trucks in an Egg 13 of 26
    Trucks in an Egg
    Fill a few eggs with cardboard toy cars.
    Find out more at Taking time to Create.
  • Nail Polish 14 of 26
    Nail Polish
    Pick up nail polish at your local drugstore or order this Hopscotch Kids non-toxic nail polish pack.
    Buy it at Amazon for $35.
  • Sunglasses 15 of 26
    Buy a pair of kids sunglasses they can wear through the summer.
    Buy it at Amazon for $3.99.
  • Heart Knee Leggings 16 of 26
    Heart Knee Leggings
    Iron-on or sew hearts to the knees of a new pair of leggings for her.
    Find out more at Make it and Love it.
  • Umbrella 17 of 26
    For all those April showers coming in.
    Purchase at Amazon for $12.29.
  • Felt Hair Bows 18 of 26
    Felt Hair Bows
    Give your little girl an assortment of new hair bows in different colors.
    Find out more at Natty by Design.
  • Bath Toys 19 of 26
    Bath Toys
    Because they can never have enough.
    Buy them at Amazon for $17.
  • Bubble Wands 20 of 26
    Bubble Wands
    Use pipe cleaners and cookie cutters to shape bubble wands.
    Find out more at Baby Parenting.
  • Pajama Pants 21 of 26
    Pajama Pants
    These were always a staple of our Easter baskets as kids.
    Buy it at Amazon for $19.
  • Bunny Jars 22 of 26
    Bunny Jars
    Hot glue bunny toys to the lids of jars and spray paint. Put Easter candies inside.
    Find out more at Torie Jayne.
  • Pom-Pom Bunnies 23 of 26
    Pom-Pom Bunnies
    Hide a few pom-pom bunnies inside their baskets.
    Find out more at Just Crafty Enough.
  • Jump Ropes 24 of 26
    Jump Ropes
    Sew homemade handles on the ends of rope to make custom jump ropes for the kids.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Watercolor Paint Set 25 of 26
    Watercolor Paint Set
    Just what your little artist needs.
    Purchase at Amazon for $2.90.
  • Seed Starters 26 of 26
    Seed Starters
    Use shreds of paper and cookie cutters to make seed starters for the kids to start their first garden.
    Find out more at MADE.

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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