25 Last Minute Valentines You Can Make in a Jiff

I don’t know how it happens but Valentine’s Day always seems to creep up on me. It’s not like I don’t know it’s coming. It’s just that I look at the calendar and it’s February 2nd and then I blink and it’s the 13th. If this wild phenomenon seems to happen to you too, don’t fret. Just check out these 25 Last Minute Valentines You Can Make in a Jiff…

  • Candy-Free Valentine’s Day Ideas with Printables 1 of 25
    Candy-Free Valentine's Day Ideas with Printables
    Keep the sweets out with these candy-free valentines.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • You’re Grrreat 2 of 25
    You're Grrreat
    Just print out the pirate and sew on a patch. It's as easy as that.
    Get the tutorial at Mermag.
  • You’re the Only Fish in the Sea for Me 3 of 25
    You're the Only Fish in the Sea for Me
    Print out these little fish bowls and add Swedish fish to the mix.
    Spotted at Faboolous.
  • Love Cards and Coupons 4 of 25
    Love Cards and Coupons
    Give your sweetheart gifts from the heart with love coupons.
    Download the template at Love Vs. Design.
  • Owl Be Your Valentine 5 of 25
    Owl Be Your Valentine
    Let the kids help with this Valentine by coloring in the printable pages.
    Get the free download at Prudent Baby.
  • You Rock 6 of 25
    You Rock
    Simply Mod Podge fabric hearts onto rocks for a unique valentine.
    Get the tutorial at Red Bird Crafts.
  • Goodie Bags 7 of 25
    Goodie Bags
    Fill each goodie bag with delicious treats.
    Get the download at Twig and Thistle.
  • Hearts in a Jar 8 of 25
    Hearts in a Jar
    Fill a jar of candy hearts and attach this pretty label.
    Get the gift tag download at Hello, Good Gravy!.
  • A Valentine’s Day Kiss 9 of 25
    A Valentine's Day Kiss
    Press these little stickers onto each candy kiss.
    Get the candy kiss sticker download for $6 at Etsy.
  • Chocolat De L’Amour 10 of 25
    Chocolat De L'Amour
    Talk about getting them done in a jiff. Just print, wrap and go.
    Get the tutorial at Heather Bullard.
  • Print and Paste 11 of 25
    Print and Paste
    Print out this collection of words and move them around however you see fit.
    Get the download at Uniquity Invitations.
  • Orange You Glad You’re My Valentine 12 of 25
    Orange You Glad You're My Valentine
    I'm Going Bananas Over You! Is pretty good too.
    Spotted at Twig and Thistle.
  • Heart Stamps out of Toilet Paper Rolls 13 of 25
    Heart Stamps out of Toilet Paper Rolls
    These toilet paper roll heart stamps can be made in a jiffy.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • You’re a Hoot 14 of 25
    You're a Hoot
    You can make these little owls out of old grocery bags and if you're short on time just staple them together.
    Get the tutorial at Needle and Nest Design.
  • Cell Phone Valentines 15 of 25
    Cell Phone Valentines
    Send your love through a pretend text with these cell phone valentines.
    Find out more at Dandee.
  • Cupcakes for Valentines 16 of 25
    Cupcakes for Valentines
    Get creative with these easy to make cupcake toppers. Chances are you have most supplies already.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • My Heart Beats for You 17 of 25
    My Heart Beats for You
    Make a CD of upbeat and classic love tunes to give away.
    Get the download at Design Mom.
  • Party Mix Valentines 18 of 25
    Party Mix Valentines
    Cover a handful of party mix in powdered sugar and you are ready to celebrate.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Bloomin’ Lollipop 19 of 25
    Bloomin' Lollipop
    This could probably be put together the morning of if need be.
    Get the download at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl.
  • You Color My World 20 of 25
    You Color My World
    Check out the crayon valentines I came up with as a sugar-free alternative.
    Get the tutorial at Daily Candys.
  • A Photo Says it All 21 of 25
    A Photo Says it All
    This mama just took a picture of her kid, added some text and printed them out. Voila!
    Find out more at 24-7-365.
  • All for the Boys 22 of 25
    All for the Boys
    These are the cutest boy themed valentines I have seen yet.
    Get the free printable download at One Charming Party.
  • Heart Breaker 23 of 25
    Heart Breaker
    The kids will love that they get to tear up these valentines.
    Get the tutorial and printable download at Made.
  • Stitch on a Heart 24 of 25
    Stitch on a Heart
    Put your old fabric scraps to use and secure them down with a simple stitch.
    Get the tutorial at Pink and Green Mama.
  • Wild Animal Valentines 25 of 25
    Wild Animal Valentines
    These are so easy to put together you could whip them up the night before.
    Get the printable download at Design Mom.

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