25 Outdoor Kitchens from Simple to Spendy

With the warm weather on its way I can’t wait to start moving lunches and dinners outside. The kids can be as loud as they want, spills are no big deal and we get to enjoy the warm nights together (Not to mention that my carnivores side rejoices with all the good barbecue). Are you also a fan of taking your meals outside, or do you prefer eating in a cozy home? Check out these 25 Stunning Outdoor Kitchens to see the many ways outdoor-loving folks have moved their wining and dining under the stars…

  • At Your Fingertips 1 of 25
    At Your Fingertips
    Hang up hooks and nails to an outdoor fence to keep utensils and spices right at your fingertips.
    Find out more at House to Home.
  • Tropical Paradise 2 of 25
    Tropical Paradise
    No need to ever go inside when you have everything right there.
    Check it out at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Nook Kitchen 3 of 25
    Nook Kitchen
    This looks like such a cozy outdoor kitchen space.
    Spotted at Herlong Architects.
  • Creative Cooking Kitchen 4 of 25
    Creative Cooking Kitchen
    What is the first dish you would cook up in this kitchen?
    Check it out at The Selby.
  • Dream Kitchen 5 of 25
    Dream Kitchen
    I would be willing to give up my kitchen to have an outdoor one like this.
    Find out more at KML Design.
  • Outdoor Escape 6 of 25
    Outdoor Escape
    Dinner's would be outside from now on.
    Check it out at Things that Inspire.
  • In and Out 7 of 25
    In and Out
    This kitchen can feel completely out in the open or totally enclosed.
    Spotted at At Home At Home.
  • Master Kitchen 8 of 25
    Master Kitchen
    Now, this is a deluxe outdoor kitchen.
    Check it out at Architectural Digest.
  • Kitchen Near the Cove 9 of 25
    Kitchen Near the Cove
    Adding a dishwasher is a good idea.
    See more at Southern Living.
  • All the Essentials 10 of 25
    All the Essentials
    This full equipped kitchen even has a fire place.
    Spotted at Coastal Living.
  • Spacious Living 11 of 25
    Spacious Living
    This kitchen really takes advantage of being outdoors by using a large amount of space.
    Find out more at Furniture Fashion.
  • Bright and Sunny 12 of 25
    Bright and Sunny
    There's no way to be unhappy in this yellow kitchen.
    Find out more at Travel.
  • Kitchen by the Lake 13 of 25
    Kitchen by the Lake
    A perfect place to cook on a warm sunny day.
    Spotted at Southern Living.
  • Fill with Green 14 of 25
    Fill with Green
    If your kitchen space is separate from the trees and grass, fill it with plants .
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Staying Classic 15 of 25
    Staying Classic
    Using mostly black and white gives this kitchen a very sleek and classic look.
    Check it out at FRI.
  • Log Cabin Kitchen 16 of 25
    Log Cabin Kitchen
    The tea candle chandelier adds such pretty lighting.
    Find out more at Log Home.
  • Rustic Kitchens 17 of 25
    Rustic Kitchens
    Everything would taste so delicious out of that wood burning pizza oven.
    Check it out at Furniture Fashion.
  • French Getaway 18 of 25
    French Getaway
    There is so much about this kitchen to love.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Keeping it Open 19 of 25
    Keeping it Open
    The open space and path leading inside make this kitchen feel very inviting.
    Spotted at Business of Building Decks and Fences.
  • With a View 20 of 25
    With a View
    Summer days would be spent completely outdoor with a kitchen like this.
    Check it out at Outdoor Living by Belgard.
  • Southern Charm 21 of 25
    Southern Charm
    If you are looking to give your kitchen a Southern look here is some pretty inspiration.
    Check it out at Country Home.
  • Tuscan Kitchen 22 of 25
    Tuscan Kitchen
    This kitchen looks like it's straight out of Italy.
    Spotted at House Beautiful.
  • Perfect for Parties 23 of 25
    Perfect for Parties
    Add a bunch of comfy chairs to your outdoor kitchen for inviting guests.
    Spotted at Kalamazoo.
  • Peek-a-Boo Kitchen 24 of 25
    Peek-a-Boo Kitchen
    Open the curtains and surprise, a lovely outdoor kitchen to enjoy.
    Spotted at Home Decorating World.
  • Rooftop Kitchen 25 of 25
    Rooftop Kitchen
    Even a small space like a New York rooftop can hold a mini kitchen.
    Find out more at Kalamazoo.

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