25 Prettiest Craft Supplies

The key to a beautiful craft project is pretty supplies. Okay, that might not be the only thing, but they definitely do help. These supplies are so gorgeous you might just find yourself buying them without a project in mind. Don’t worry though, they are inspiring enough that you will be crafting in no time.

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  • Tissue Paper Flowers 2 of 26

    The only thing prettier than flowers are flowers you can craft and stay beautiful forever.
    Check it out at Amazon for $15

  • Paper Tape 3 of 26

    Use this pretty tape to accent your crafts.
    Find out more at Amazon for $4.46

  • Vintage Blue Mason Jars 4 of 26

    Craft with not just any mason jars, these are vintage blue.
    Find out more at Amazon for $13.87

  • Stencils 5 of 26

    Handmade Charlotte has a line of pretty stencils for limitless craft options.
    Find out more at Folk Art.

  • Gold Leaf 6 of 26

    Gold left has to be one of the prettiest craft supplies since everything it touches turns to gold or just an extremely prettier version of what it was formerly.
    Spotted at Amazon for $7.90

  • Heart Ribbon 7 of 26

    This gorgeous blue ribbon is so pretty with the red hearts and scallop detail.
    Check it out at Etsy for $3.82

  • Baker’s Twine 8 of 26

    Not only is baker's twine pretty, but it's so versatile.
    Find out more at Amazon for $11.95

  • Crafter’s Clay 9 of 26

    Crafter's clay with pretty molds.
    Find out more at Amazon for $16.49

  • Loom Trim 10 of 26

    This trim makes an incredible accent to any project.
    Spotted at Etsy for $6.58

  • Spring Fabric 11 of 26

    Pretty fabrics are endless but this Studio E fabric is a beautiful combination of color and pattern.
    Check it out at Fabricworm for $5.50

  • Glitter Cardstock 12 of 26

    Glitter is a glamorous, but it isn't the easiest supply to work with. This cardstock gives you the glitter look without the mess.
    Find out more at Joann for $43.99

  • Pom Pom Fringe 13 of 26

    Pom pom fringe makes your project pretty.
    Find out more at Amazon for $12.35

  • Sequined Lace 14 of 26

    Gorgeous sequined lace for any project.
    Find out more at Etsy for $14.99

  • Wood Buttons 15 of 26

    Wood buttons are classic and just simply pretty.
    Check it out at Amazon for $1.68

  • Lace 16 of 26

    The possibilities are endlessly gorgeous with lace.
    Find out more at Etsy for $28.80

  • Crepe Paper 17 of 26

    Pretty crepe paper makes for beautiful party decor.
    Find out more at Amazon for $2.99

  • Geometric Washi Tape 18 of 26

    Pretty geometric washi tape to get all crafty with.
    Spotted at Amazon for $4.98

  • Paint Brushes 19 of 26

    There's something pretty about a simple set of paint brushes.
    Check it out at Amazon for $14.99

  • Stamps 20 of 26

    These vintage number stamps are too cute.
    Find out more at Amazon for $20.11

  • Gold Leather 21 of 26

    Make pretty jewelry with gold leather.
    Find out more at Amazon for $8.98

  • Embroidery Thread 22 of 26

    Colorful and beautiful embroidery thread.
    Spotted at Amazon for $229

  • Glitter 23 of 26

    Even if it's messy, glitter is so pretty.
    Check it out at Amazon for $16.99

  • Pearl Cotton 24 of 26

    If the pearl cotton doesn't get you, the pretty packing will.
    Find out more at Anna Maria for $43

  • Pantone Markers 25 of 26

    Imagine crafting with color from the authority of Pantone.
    Spotted at Blick for $25.77 (set of 12)

  • Amy Butler Yarn 26 of 26

    Pretty organic yarn from Amy Butler to crochet a beautiful project.
    Check it out at Amazon for $8.75

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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