25 Springtime Birthday Themes for Boys

25 Springtime Birthday Themes for Boys_
Our first take in birthday party planning with spring in mind was the 25 Springtime Birthday Themes for Girls. Along with beautiful pastel colors and flowers comes another part of spring – bugs, mud, and all things boy. Get messy at a Mud Run, Creepy Crawly Critter, or Down on the Bayou birthday. Perhaps you have a little gentleman who would be more into a Strikes & ‘Staches birthday or Barbershop Bash. Find some great birthday inspiration and tips in these 25 Springtime Birthday Themes for Boys…

  • Creepy Crawly Critters 1 of 25
    Creepy Crawly Critters
    Embrace those creepy crawly critters of spring with a big birthday bash all about them.
    Check it out at Bird's Party Blog.
  • Mud Run Birthday 2 of 25
    Mud Run Birthday
    Set up a mud run of obstacle courses the kids can run over and over and get muddier every time.
    Find out more at Ashley Ann Photography.
  • Popeye ‘Lil Sailorman’ 3 of 25
    Popeye 'Lil Sailorman'
    It's not quite summer, but you can still celebrate with a nautical theme at this cute birthday.
    Find out more at Dreamers Joy.
  • Lorax 4 of 25
    There's no better way to get ready for spring than with a whole house decorated to look like the magical world of the Lorax.
    Find out more at Peter and Madeline.
  • Magic Madness 5 of 25
    Magic Madness
    Have a blast learning magic tricks or having a magician come to entertain.
    Find out more at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  • Vintage Toys 6 of 25
    Vintage Toys
    Bring out those old toys from the past and have some fun decorating and letting the kids try them out.
    Find out more at Hostess with the Mostess.
  • Down on the Bayou 7 of 25
    Down on the Bayou
    Drink swamp water and eat critter cake in this nature filled party.
    Find out more at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  • Willy Wonka 8 of 25
    Willy Wonka
    Candy hanging from the ceiling, gumdrops on the floor, and sweet treats covering the tables. This is one happy birthday.
    Find out more at Lolo Beauty.
  • Up, Up, and Away 9 of 25
    Up, Up, and Away
    Throw a party that revolves all around hot air balloons, maybe even take a ride in one.
    Check it out at Anders Ruff.
  • Out of this World 10 of 25
    Out of this World
    Check out the DIY inside scoop on throwing an out of this world solar system birthday.
    Find out more at Good Life Eats.
  • Little Chef 11 of 25
    Little Chef
    Set up a party where the little ones get to cook fun meals.
    Spotted at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  • Come Fly With Me 12 of 25
    Come Fly With Me
    Celebrate your little pilot's birthday with airplanes hanging from the ceiling and make cardboard airplanes for all his pilot friends.
    Check it out at Pizzazzerie.
  • Movie Maker in the Making 13 of 25
    Movie Maker in the Making
    Have the kids help write and film their own movie that you can watch that night.
    Image via Mixing Bowl Kids.
  • Meep, Morp Robot Theme 14 of 25
    Meep, Morp Robot Theme
    Make robot headbands and magnetic robot party favors for a robot birthday.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • The Beatles 15 of 25
    The Beatles
    I'm definitely partial to any party that has yellow submarine Twinkies and a groovy photo booth.
    Find out more at Hostess with the Mostess.
  • Where the Wild Things Are 16 of 25
    Where the Wild Things Are
    Let the kids run wild outdoors since they've been cooped up all winter with this adventure theme.
    Find out more at Hostess with the Mostess.
  • Football Frenzy 17 of 25
    Football Frenzy
    So the season might be done, doesn't mean you can't still celebrate for a birthday party.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Newspaper Boy 18 of 25
    Newspaper Boy
    Have an outdoor party with finger foods and old time games. Use newspaper to make flowers and a bunting.
    Find out more at Hello Bee.
  • Strikes & ‘Staches 19 of 25
    Strikes & 'Staches
    Combine quirky mustaches with a day of bowling fun.
    Check it out at Hostess with the Mostess.
  • Martian Madness 20 of 25
    Martian Madness
    Turn the kids into martians for a day with martian antennae headbands and lots of martian treats.
    Find out more at Bit o Whimsy.
  • Hello, Hot Rod 21 of 25
    Hello, Hot Rod
    Plan a hot rod party with a 50s style and delicious root beer floats.
    Find out more at Party Like Paula.
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll 22 of 25
    Stop, Drop, and Roll
    Check out a fire station and learn all about fire safety while having a ton of fun.
    Find out more at Hostess with the Mostess.
  • Welcome to the Wild West 23 of 25
    Welcome to the Wild West
    Plan a western party for your little cowboy.
    Check it out at Babalisme.
  • Ninjas 24 of 25
    Inspired by Ninjago, this ninja party would be a blast to decorate.
    Spotted at Wants and Wishes.
  • Barbershop Bash 25 of 25
    Barbershop Bash
    Throw a vintage style barbershop bash for your little dude and decorate with spring flowers and lots of sprinkles.
    Find out more at The Cake Blog.

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