25 Summer Camp Crafts

Were you a summer camp kid? If so, remember making a god’s eye out of popsicle sticks and yarn or lanyard friendship bracelets? As a kid I only got to go to the one week long afternoon summer camps, but deep inside I yearned to go to a summer long camp away from home where I just knew I was destined to run into my long lost twin (I watched Parent Trap way too many times). Whether you are hosting a summer camp or just looking for some fun new crafts these 25 Summer Camp Crafts are just for you. Start by making simple butterflies out of toilet paper rolls for the young ones and spend an afternoon launching marshmallows in a custom made catapult for the older ones. Check out these ideas and more right here…

  • God’s Eye 1 of 25
    God's Eye
    Here is a summer camp craft that has survived through the ages.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Bird Feeders 2 of 25
    Bird Feeders
    Have a blast using cookie cutters to make different shaped bird feeders.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Pinwheels 3 of 25
    Make some pinwheels and watch them catch the wind.
    Get the tutorial at Create Studio.
  • Friendship Lanyards 4 of 25
    Friendship Lanyards
    This a fun activity for the older kids. Don't you remember making lanyards and lanyard necklaces?
    Get the tutorial at Honestly….
  • Paper Plate Dream Catcher 5 of 25
    Paper Plate Dream Catcher
    Decorate a paper plate and thread yarn through it to make a colorful dream catcher.
    Get the tutorial at 4 Crazy Kings.
  • Panning for Gold 6 of 25
    Panning for Gold
    Fill a kiddie pool with sand and gold spray painted gravel. After the kids are done panning for gold let them turn it in for treats.
    Find out more at One Charming Party.
  • Leaf Art 7 of 25
    Leaf Art
    Go on a nature walk with the kids and use the leaves you have collected to make art.
    Get the tutorial at Kleas.
  • Monster Bookmarks 8 of 25
    Monster Bookmarks
    Talk about their favorite books and then make monster bookmarks.
    Get the tutorial at Oh! Crafts.
  • Kaleidescope Craft 9 of 25
    Kaleidescope Craft
    Each kid can make their own unique kaleidoscope to look through.
    Get the tutorial at Skip to My Lou.
  • Plant Pals 10 of 25
    Plant Pals
    How fun would it be to have them make their own plant pals and then get to watch them grow?
    Check it out at Family Fun Go
  • Sock Puppets 11 of 25
    Sock Puppets
    Make quirky sock puppets and then put on a puppet show at the end of camp.
    Check it out at Skip to My Lou.
  • T-Shirt Bracelets 12 of 25
    T-Shirt Bracelets
    Here is a fun craft that yes, even the boys could make too.
    Check it out at Henry Happened.
  • Water Bottle Carrier 13 of 25
    Water Bottle Carrier
    This foam water bottle carrier is perfect for summer hikes.
    Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda.
  • Crayons 14 of 25
    Spend an afternoon making your own crayons to use for the rest of the camp.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • Marshmallow Catapult 15 of 25
    Marshmallow Catapult
    A more detailed craft that will bring a whole day of launching fun.
    Get the tutorial at Family Fun Go.
  • Bug Headbands 16 of 25
    Bug Headbands
    Is your summer camp going to have a bug day? These are the perfect headbands to get the day started.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • Coffee Filter Butterflies 17 of 25
    Coffee Filter Butterflies
    Paint coffee filters and clothespins to make these pretty butterflies.
    Check it out at Wren Handmade.
  • Plastic Jump Rope 18 of 25
    Plastic Jump Rope
    Use plastic bags braided together to make this awesome waterproof jump rope.
    Get the tutorial at A Childhood List.
  • Kid Art Trivets 19 of 25
    Kid Art Trivets
    End summer camp with a keepsake they can use for years.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • Glow Lanterns 20 of 25
    Glow Lanterns
    If you are hosting a summer camp that runs through the night, these glow lanterns are perfect to use for a nighttime walk.
    Find out more at Lil Blue Boo.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies 21 of 25
    Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies
    This is a fun and colorful project to add to the mix and most kids can do it all on their own.
    Check it out at Bo Bunny.
  • Sharpie Tie-Dye 22 of 25
    Sharpie Tie-Dye
    Avoid the big mess that can come with kids and tie-dye by using sharpies.
    Get the tutorial at Moments with Maisie.
  • Tin Can Telephones 23 of 25
    Tin Can Telephones
    Lose the iPhone, tin can telephones is where it's at.
    Find out more at Crafts by Amanda.
  • Water Bombs 24 of 25
    Water Bombs
    Escape the summer heat with water bombs.
    Find out more atPositively Splendid.
  • Yarn Bowls 25 of 25
    Yarn Bowls
    Let them make their own yarn bowls in all different patterns and colors.
    Spotted at Meet the Dubiens


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