25 Tutorials for a DIY Carnival

25 Tutorials for a DIY Carnival
Summer is coming to a close (can you believe it?) What better way to go out in style than a DIY Carnival that the kids and all their friends will remember forever. Do you have a carnival coming up, or a carnival party you are starting to plan? Keep all your costs low by building your own ticket stand and making your own games. Go for a vintage carnival theme and make your own light-up, old-timey marquee letters. Planning this carnival will definitely be all fun and games with these 25 Tutorials for a DIY Carnival …

  • Carnival Marquee Letters 1 of 25
    Carnival Marquee Letters
    Brighten up the carnival with your own marquee letters.
    Check it out at Ruffled.
  • The Best Carnival Game 2 of 25
    The Best Carnival Game
    Set up a pyramid of cans on top of a barrel and see who can knock them all down.
    Find out more at Casa Sugar.
  • Monster Bean Bag Toss 3 of 25
    Monster Bean Bag Toss
    See how many bean bags you can get into each monster's mouth.
    Check it out at Crafty Carnival.
  • Cone Holder 4 of 25
    Cone Holder
    Make a wooden cone holder to hold ice cream cones or popcorn in paper cones.
    Find out more at 100 Layer Cake.
  • Ring Toss Game 5 of 25
    Ring Toss Game
    Set up a pretty ring toss game by painting the bottles and covering embroidery hoop rings with fabric.
    Find out more at Two Shades of Pink.
  • Popcorn Paper Cones 6 of 25
    Popcorn Paper Cones
    Follow this template to make paper cones to fill with popcorn.
    Check it out at The Gilded Bee.
  • Balloon Dart Board 7 of 25
    Balloon Dart Board
    Stick balloons through a pegboard and see who can pop the most by throwing darts.
    Spotted at Landee See Landee Do.
  • Cotton Candy Tray 8 of 25
    Cotton Candy Tray
    Make an acrylic cotton candy tray you can use over and over again.
    Check it out at Oh Happy Day.
  • Tattoo Booth 9 of 25
    Tattoo Booth
    Hang a curtain and sign to set up a temporary tattoo booth.
    Check it out at Martha Stewart.
  • Tassel Garland 10 of 25
    Tassel Garland
    Use scrap fabric to make a tassel garland to decorate the carnival with. No sewing required.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Spray Away Game 11 of 25
    Spray Away Game
    Get a ticket for each ping pong ball you can knock off the tee with a water gun.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Ticket Booth 12 of 25
    Ticket Booth
    Use these ticket booth plans to make a fun and colorful carnival one.
    Get the tutorial at Make Projects.
  • Pick-A-Duck 13 of 25
    Everyone wins a prize in this fun game.
    Check it out at Simply Beautiful.
  • Animal Masks 14 of 25
    Animal Masks
    Set up a station for making your own animal masks. This is a great alternative for face painting.
    Find out more at Whip Up.
  • Pinwheel Fun 15 of 25
    Pinwheel Fun
    Make a collection of pinwheels to give to the carnival guests.
    Get the tutorial at Style Me Pretty.
  • Photo Booth 16 of 25
    Photo Booth
    Build this adorable photo booth to keep memories from the carnival.
    Get the tutorial at Bird's Party.
  • Mustache Props 17 of 25
    Mustache Props
    Use this tutorial to make mustache props for the photo booth.
    Get the tutorial at Easy Makes Me Happy.
  • Ruffled Streamers 18 of 25
    Ruffled Streamers
    Use your sewing machine to make ruffled streamers to decorate.
    Find out more at Dana Made It.
  • Carnival Tent 19 of 25
    Carnival Tent
    Make this carnival tent and put something fun inside like a fortune teller booth or delicious desserts.
    Get the tutorial at Little Miss Momma.
  • Prize Bags 20 of 25
    Prize Bags
    Iron-on transfer carnival designs onto bags for a cute way to give prizes.
    Find out more at Lil Blue Boo.
  • Bean Bag Toss 21 of 25
    Bean Bag Toss
    Line up bowls and see who can get the highest points by throwing in the bean bags.
    Find out more at Morgan Moore.
  • Carnival Ticket Streamers 22 of 25
    Carnival Ticket Streamers
    Staple rings of tickets together in a chain.
    Spotted at Pam Garrison .
  • Fish in a Bag 23 of 25
    Fish in a Bag
    Make fish shaped soap and set it inside bags of water for fun carnival prizes.
    Find out more at Cap Creations.
  • Vendor Tray 24 of 25
    Vendor Tray
    Make a vendor tray to walk around and sell hotdogs and treats.
    Find out more at Family Fun.
  • Chalkboard Labels 25 of 25
    Chalkboard Labels
    Make these cute chalkboard labels to label food, games and prizes.
    Get the tutorial at Little Bit Funky.

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