25 Water Games and Activities for Kids

Splash through spring and into summer with fun water games and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Use the hose to have a limbo contest, or invite the neighbors over for a water balloon relay. The kids can kill time playing duck, duck, splash, while you kick back and enjoy a refreshing beverage in your own backyard. Check out the fun 25 Water Games and Activities for Kids…

  • 25 Water Games and Activities for Kids 1 of 26
    25 water outdoor games and activities for kids

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  • Splash and Score 2 of 26

    Practice batting with water balloons.
    Check it out at Spoonful.

  • DIY Slide and Slide 3 of 26

    Set up a DIY slip and slide or two for races.
    Check it out at Inner Child Fun.

  • Pool Scrabble 4 of 26

    Play pool scrabble for educationally wet fun.
    Check it out at Toddler Approved.

  • Water Catch 5 of 26

    Make a splash catching water bombs.
    Check it out at Parties 4 Me.

  • Chalk Paint 6 of 26

    Add water to sidewalk chalk for a cool paint combination.
    Check it out at Filth Wizardry.

  • Sponge Relay 7 of 26

    Soak a sponge for a footloose relay.
    Check it out at Spoonful.

  • Target Practice 8 of 26

    Toss a sponge at the bullseye.
    Check it out at Mamas Like Me.

  • Doll Bath 9 of 26

    Reuse your baby bath for doll bathing.
    Check it out at Mama Pea Pod.

  • Duck Races 10 of 26

    Race ducks with squirt guns in some gutters.
    Check it out at The Fickle Pickle.

  • Water Balloon Piñata 11 of 26

    Playing with water balloon pinatas is sure to make a splash.
    Check it out at Scrap Happy Heather.

  • Water Limbo 12 of 26

    Use a hose to set up water limbo.
    Check it out at Go Go Squeez.

  • Knock ‘Em Down 13 of 26

    Fill bottles with colored water and then try to knock the tower down.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.

  • Car Wash 14 of 26

    Set up a trike car wash for hours of fun.
    Check it out at Apartment Therapy.

  • Duck, Duck, Splash 15 of 26

    Duck, duck, splash is the water version of duck, duck, goose that's sure to entertain.
    Check it out at Kids Fun Reviewed.

  • Splash Volleyball 16 of 26

    Play some splash volleyball.
    Check it out at Spoonful.

  • Water Ramp 17 of 26

    Build a water ramp for a toy slip and slide.
    Check it out at Caution Twins at Play.

  • Activity Board 18 of 26

    Make a water activity board.
    Check it out at Curbly.

  • Sponge Balls 19 of 26

    Make water sponges as a great alternative to water balloons for play all summer long.
    Check it out at Design Dazzle.

  • Waterfall 20 of 26

    Make a waterfall from a pool noodle.
    Check it out at Examiner.

  • Water Relay 21 of 26

    Have a water relay with some cups and buckets.
    Check it out at My LDS Projects.

  • Extreme Sprinkler 22 of 26

    Set up a large sprinkler to run through.
    Check it out at Home Spun Threads.

  • Water Balloon Obstacle Course 23 of 26

    Build an obstacle course, add sprinklers and water balloons for some water fun.
    Check it out at National Wildlife Federation.

  • Ice Cube Painting 24 of 26

    Paint with colored ice cubes for a cool, crafty activity.
    Check it out at Share and Remember.

  • Foil River 25 of 26

    Use foil to make a river in your yard.
    Check it out at Camo and Bows.

  • Spray Fight 26 of 26

    Give the kids a spray bottle for a water fight.
    Check it out at How Does She.

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