14 Water Games and Activities for Kids

Splash through spring and into summer with fun water games and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Use the hose to have a limbo contest, or invite the neighbors over for a water balloon relay. The kids can kill time playing duck, duck, splash, while you kick back and enjoy a refreshing beverage in your own backyard.

Check out these fun 14 water games and activities for kids!

1. Pool Scrabble

Image source: Toddler Approved
Image source: Toddler Approved

Play pool scrabble for educationally wet fun.
Check it out at Toddler Approved.

2. DIY Slip and Slide

Set up a DIY slip and slide or two for races.
Check it out at Inner Child Fun.

3. Doll Bath

Image source: Mama Pea Pod
Image source: Mama Pea Pod

Reuse your baby bath for doll bathing.
Check it out at Mama Pea Pod.

4. Chalk Paint

Add water to sidewalk chalk for a cool paint combination.
Check it out at Filth Wizardry.

5. Knock ‘Em Down

Image source: Pretty Prudent
Image source: Pretty Prudent

Fill bottles with colored water and then try to knock the tower down.
Check it out at Pretty Prudent.

6. Target Practice

Toss a sponge at the bullseye.
Check it out at Mamas Like Me.

7. Duck, Duck, Splash

Image source: The Kid's Fun Review
Image source: The Kid’s Fun Review

Duck, duck, splash is the water version of duck, duck, goose that’s sure to entertain.
Check it out at The Kid’s Fun Review.

8. Duck Races

Race ducks with squirt guns in some gutters.
Check it out at The Fickle Pickle.

9. Water Ramp

Image source: Epic Childhood
Image source: Epic Childhood

Build a water ramp for a toy slip and slide.
Check it out at Epic Childhood.

10. Car Wash

Set up a trike car wash for hours of fun.
Check it out at Apartment Therapy.

11. Water Relay

Image source: My LDS Projects
Image source: My LDS & Other Projects

Have a water relay with some cups and buckets.
Check it out at My LDS & Other Projects.

12. Activity Board

Make a water activity board for hours of wet fun!
Check it out at Curbly.

13. Ice Cube Painting

Image source: Share and Remember
Image source: Things to Share and Remember

Paint with colored ice cubes for a cool, crafty activity.
Check it out at Things to Share and Remember.

14. Sponge Balls

Make water sponges as a great alternative to water balloons for play all summer long.
Check it out at Design Dazzle.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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