25 Ways to Make a Package Pretty

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When it comes to wrapping a present, I’ve been known to have hidden my mistakes up with tape. Lots and lots of tape. But after seeing examples of even kraft and newspaper look dazzling, I’ve decided there are no more excuses for pitiful packages. Yes, I resolve to always make the outside as nice as the inside. Check out 25 inspiring ideas below and you’ll be feeling the need to resolve too.

  • Woven Paper 1 of 25
    Woven Paper
    No need for a bow.
    From Minie Co
  • Fabric + Lace 2 of 25
    Fabric + Lace
    Think texture!
    From Jessica Jane
  • Cupcake Liner Flowers 3 of 25
    Cupcake Liner Flowers
    A different use for cupcake liners.
    From Martha Stewart
  • Poms 4 of 25
    Pom poms are super simple to make and add some texture to a plain package.
    From Bugs and Fishes
  • Personalization 5 of 25
    This way nobody will get their gifts mixed up.
    From Bugs and Fishes
  • Elements of Nature 6 of 25
    Elements of Nature
    All of these ideas are earth friendly.
    From Compai
  • Paper Candy 7 of 25
    Paper Candy
  • Paper Pinwheels 8 of 25
    Paper Pinwheels
  • Dipped Confetti 9 of 25
    Dipped Confetti
    Bring the party to the package.
    From Tokketok
  • Burlap + Fabric 10 of 25
    Burlap + Fabric
    Even burlap can add some interest.
    From Oh Hello Friend
  • Rainbow Yarn 11 of 25
    Rainbow Yarn
    Have some extra yarn lying around? Bring some color to the package.
    From Melanie Falick Books
  • Striped Ribbon 12 of 25
    Striped Ribbon
    You can't go wrong with a classic bow and stripes.
    Found on This is Glamourous
  • Draped and Tied 13 of 25
    Draped and Tied
    Wrapping and bow all in one.
    From Brooklyn Bride
  • Yellow + Gray 14 of 25
    Yellow + Gray
    From Decor 8
  • Gold Tassles 15 of 25
    Gold Tassles
    Glitz it up with gold.
    From Grey Likes Weddings
  • Newspaper Flower 16 of 25
    Newspaper Flower
    Even newsprint can look fancy.
    From Country Living
  • Tissue Folds 17 of 25
    Tissue Folds
    Simple folding creates a origami like effect.
    From Essimar
  • Cardstock + Crochet Thread 18 of 25
    Cardstock + Crochet Thread
    A sweet colorful tag makes a brown box happy.
    From Sally Shim
  • Fabric Wrapped 19 of 25
    Fabric Wrapped
    Using fabric to wrap is like giving two gifts in one.
    From Studio Patro
  • Colored Tape 20 of 25
    Colored Tape
    Just cut and stick. From Tea For Joy
  • Paper Flowers 21 of 25
    Paper Flowers
  • Fabric Wrapped Chocolate 22 of 25
    Fabric Wrapped Chocolate
    Even a candybar can be jazzed up.
    From You Are My Fave
  • Pretty Tape 23 of 25
    Pretty Tape
    Wow with washi tape.
    From Essimar
  • Calligraphy + Label 24 of 25
    Calligraphy + Label
    Pretty handwriting helps a simple label shine.
    From Ink Wells
  • Embellish 25 of 25
    Danni knows how to make a package pretty.
    From Oh Hello Friend

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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