5 Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget

I lost 25 pounds over the course of last year. It was all about community support, eating healthier and working out. As much hard work as I put into losing the weight, it really was that simple.

I had put off losing the “baby weight” for years. (The baby? Well, pick one — they’re 6, 9, and 14.) There were just so many reasons I just couldn’t make it happen.

Fear. Laziness. Money.

Healthy food is expensive. Gym memberships are not in the budget. So, when I finally decided to tackle the extra weight, I had to get a little creative to keep costs low.

First, I gave up soda — not only did it help me lose 6 pounds in 2 months without any other effort, but it cut our grocery budget by far more than I ever expected.

The next step was to start working out. It’s not just about diet. Turns out, you have to exercise too. Yet, a gym membership still wasn’t in my budget. I learned you can, in fact, be fit and frugal!

Check out a few of my favorite ways to workout on a budget:

  • At-Home Workouts 1 of 5
    At-Home Workouts
    Since I didn't have the money for a gym, I worked out at home. There are tons of home workout ideas on Pinterest. I tend to stick with old school calisthenics from gym class — pushups, situps, jumping jacks. I also like exercise videos & games like Just Dance, EA Sports, and Wii Fit. And, Jillian Michaels kicks my butt on a regular basis.
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  • Employee Benefits 2 of 5
    Employee Benefits
    Many employers offer free gyms, health reimbursements or other discount gym memberships. Check with your HR department and take advantage of any special relationships your company has with area gyms.
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  • Fitness Class Deals 3 of 5
    Fitness Class Deals
    I have purchased all of my fitness & dance classes through daily deal offers. I still have one more voucher for a month of boot camp. Plus, be sure to check with libraries, churches, and other community centers for free & discount classes.
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  • Workout With a Friend 4 of 5
    Workout With a Friend
    If home workouts aren't motivational enough for you, find a fitness partner. Better yet, find a gym that offers guest passes and share expenses with a friend.
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  • Used Fitness Equipment 5 of 5
    Used Fitness Equipment
    For my home workouts, I have purchased all our fitness equipment — and most of the girls' sporting goods — at Play It Again Sports. I've also seen treadmills, weight benches, and more at thrift stores and yard sales. Second hand is definitely the way to go on something that doesn't get used much in its first life.

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