6 Frugal Tips for Super-Busy Superwomen

Her name would be Eliza and I would feed her sugar-cubes

Superman had it easy — he only had to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Today’s superwomen have way tougher hurdles to overcome, mainly the hurdles of finding ways to save both time and money.

I used to make up these silly games, where I would dream up what I would do if I had extra money. Visions of owning my own horse trotted alongside frequent visits to Sephora and Anthropologie. Would I start off in Rome or Paris? Ah….life was tough….in my imaginary world…

Today I know exactly how I would spend any extra money. I would buy time. That can be done, right?  OK, well, fine maybe not literally, but I am equally (if not more) aware of my limited time than I am of funds. I used to think that the days were long and the years, short. And you know what, the days are not even that long anymore. And I still don’t own my own pony.

I used to complain that the dryer was *shrinking* my clothes. Well, now my days are being shrunk. I swear, I have lost 2 hours a day somewhere (and by somewhere, I may mean Twitter). So I find myself searching for ways to save money and time.

Enter Andrea Woroch.  She  is a nationally recognized consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli Inc. and has shared these tips to make the best use of your time to save money

Co-cook Share cooking duties with another family by creating super-large batches and dividing it for future consumption. You’ll save money on supplies by buying in bulk and have the pleasure of a partner’s company while you cook.

Avoid Multiple Shopping Trips Take advantage of such inexpensive services as Hoseanna, which delivers a run-free pair of pantyhose to customers’ doors every month. Or you can reduce time and money on food runs by opting for home delivery of groceries from sites like

Use Mobile Coupons Extreme couponers spend untold hours organizing and preparing for a shopping venture. Why put yourself through that when you can use mobile coupon apps right in the store? Check out’s list of “15 Shopping Apps That Can Save You Big Bucks” and stock up on digital must-haves. [I recently compiled a great list of Apps to help budget ]

Try The free, web-based service Manilla helps consumers better manage all their household accounts — including finances, utility payments, subscriptions and travel-rewards programs — in a single, secure, online location.

Reduce Paper Clutter Lack of organization drives more women crazy than men, according to the survey. Roughly half of female respondents said they felt relaxed and 40 percent happy when organized. One way to reduce the clutter that creates havoc is to pay bills online so you can just electronically file the receipts. Best of all, you don’t have to write and mail checks, which always entails that lengthy hunt for stamps.

Shop for Presents All Year This sounds impossible, but a little organization early on means less frantic shopping at the last minute. Which also means you won’t grab an expensive item just because time is running short. And if you do find yourself panicking mid-December, don’t forget about Free Shipping Day on Friday, Dec. 16. With free shipping offers from 2,000 merchants, this one-day event gives supermoms the added power of making last-minute purchases for arrival by Christmas Eve.

What would you rather have more of: Time or Money?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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