6 Ways to Make Movie Night More Exciting

If you’re looking for a fun, frugal way to enjoy time with your family, look no further than your living room. Movie night is a simple, inexpensive idea for family fun.

The girls love it when we declare a family movie night. The lights are dimmed, the popcorn is popped, and the whole family snuggles on our couch to enjoy the evening.

We included two movie nights in our year of family fun. It’s a relaxing change of pace from busy museum visits, park tours, and physical activities — plus, it doesn’t cost a thing!


Here are a few ways to liven up your home movie experience:

  • Bring the Theater Home 1 of 6
    Bring the Theater Home
    Invite your children to a home theater experience with printable movie tickets. Darken the room. Serve popcorn. Target's dollar spot regularly features fun popcorn tubs that my girls just love.

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  • Read the Book First 2 of 6
    Read the Book First
    Everyone knows the book is always better, but it's still fun to see your favorite stories come to life. Even if your children aren't reading yet, try a few read aloud chapter books. Then, plan the movie night to compare.

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  • Movie Marathon 3 of 6
    Movie Marathon
    Sequels offer the perfect opportunity for a marathon weekend. We spent a full day watching the original Star Wars trilogy just last month. Our next one will be a holiday movie marathon — maybe we can even work that in with our Christmas book countdown.

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  • Dinner and a Movie 4 of 6
    Dinner and a Movie
    Pair a fun dinner treat with movie night — we've done pizza night, an appetizer buffet, and carpet picnics. Eating dinner in front of the movie is a huge treat for our girls, since we never eat in the living room.

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  • Movie Themed Snacks 5 of 6
    Movie Themed Snacks
    Have a mug of butterbeer with your next Harry Potter marathon. Enjoy Han burgers and Yoda soda —how fun is this themed Star Wars food? Oops, my geek is showing, but you can create fun, snacks to go with whatever movie you're planning to watch.

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  • Dress the Part 6 of 6
    Dress the Part
    Okay, so it's getting a little geekier here, now that I've mentioned cosplay. Seriously, though? Kids love getting dressed up! My girls dress up for Halloween, birthdays, Christmas, Wednesday ... dressing the part to watch a favorite movie makes the evening even more special.

    That's why, no matter what time of day it is, we always wear pajamas for Polar Express. Plus, the girls have enough Disney princess costumes to dress for every movie!

I can’t wait for another movie night with the family. It will probably be the next Harry Potter, but I also love to share my old school favorites with my girls. They love Back to the Future almost as much as I do! What’s your favorite family movie night choice?

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