7 Easy Ways to Re-Use A Halloween Costume

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After the fun is done and the candy has been collected, Halloween is over. Your children get out of their costumes, and what are you to do with them? You could stick them in the back of the closet, but then they’re just collecting dust.  I dress my dogs up each year, and I have the same problem. I can’t re-use the costumes (I could, but . . . )!  Here are some suggestions for what you could possibly do with old Halloween costumes, and none of them involve throwing them away. Continue on through the jump to see some great ideas!

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  • Get Crafty 1 of 7
    Get Crafty
    Cut up the current costume and reassemble into a new one. This patchwork butterfly is a great example of what you can do.
    Photo courtesy of Flickr user JQ to You
  • Second Chance 2 of 7
    Second Chance
    If the costume is still in good condition, donate it to your local thrift store.
    Photo courtesy of Flickr user Goodwill - Southern Piedmont
  • Start Cleaning 3 of 7
    Start Cleaning
    If a costume is too worn out to donate, consider making household rags.
    See how it's done at Fun in the Making
  • Make Some Money 4 of 7
    Make Some Money
    If it's a pretty special costume, you can re-sell it for some cash on Etsy or Ebay.
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  • Bag It 5 of 7
    Bag It
    Who couldn't use another reusable shopping bag? If you're feeling crafty, you can refashion an old costume into a fashionably green statement bag..
    Get the step-by-step at Instructables
  • Face Paint 6 of 7
    Face Paint
    Now what about all that leftover face paint that was never used? Believe it or not, you can donate it! As for the opened cases, your kids will probably have no problem getting creative on their own to use it up.
    Read what to do with old cosmetics at EcoLife
    Photo courtesy of Flickr user brandylee
  • Keep Them 7 of 7
    Keep Them
    If your kids aren't ready to part with their costume, let them use it for playing dress up, or donate it to their school theater.
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7 ways to reuse and recycle Halloween candy!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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