7 Favorite Tools for DIY Projects

I used two of my favorite tools to make the carved wood folk art pictured above…..can you guess what they are? There are 7 tools (not counting my sewing machines) that I use on a weekly basis to make fun projects. None of them are too expensive to break your budget and can be used across a variety of different household and DIY projects! Do you have any tools you’d add to my list? Let me know!

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  • Tool #1: Rotary Tool and Attachments 1 of 13
    Tool #1: Rotary Tool and Attachments
    I love my rotary tool! It cuts, polishes, sands, carves and can do a gazillion other tasks. I bought a basic Craftsman rotary tool and a set of Dremel attachments.
  • Carve Wood 2 of 13
    Carve Wood
    A rotary tool can easily carve out wood. I carved this entire lazy susan with hardly any effort!
    Click here to visit the "Spin-spiration" folk art tutorial.
  • Smooth Glass and Tile 3 of 13
    Smooth Glass and Tile
    You can smooth glass and tile with a rotary tool as long as you have the carbide grinding tip. I used my rotary tool to sand the edges down on broken Tiffany vase piece and to drill a hole for a keychain attachment.
    Click here to visit the full tutorial on upcycling broken china.
  • Tool #2: Silhouette Machine 4 of 13
    Tool #2: Silhouette Machine
    What did I ever do before I had a Silhouette Machine?
    Click here to check out all the projects I've made with mine!
  • Make a Travel Map 5 of 13
    Make a Travel Map
    A favorite Silhouette project: a travel map for my daughter. Click here for the full tutorial.
  • Tool #3: Bias Tape Maker 6 of 13
    Tool #3: Bias Tape Maker
    Before I had a bias tape machine I dreaded all projects that needed a double fold border! This little compact machine has changed my outlook. Bring on the bias tape projects! 12 feet of bias tape can be made in 1 minute.
  • Make a Round Diaper Changing Pad 7 of 13
    Make a Round Diaper Changing Pad
    I can make round diaper changing pads by the dozen with my bias tape machine!
    Click here to see the full tutorial.
  • Tool #4: Skill Saw 8 of 13
    Tool #4: Skill Saw
    A skill saw is the perfect size for small cutting projects. Mine is a Black and Decker. You can purchase all types of blades to accessorize.
  • Cut Wood Easily 9 of 13
    Cut Wood Easily
    I used a skill saw to cut the doors out of tiny birdhouses to make my daughter a fairy village.
    Click here for the full fairy village tutorial.
  • Tool #5: A Drill 10 of 13
    Tool #5: A Drill
    Every household should have a drill....not to mention every crafter! I use my drill almost everyday!
  • Make an Easy Donut Necklace 11 of 13
    Make an Easy Donut Necklace
    I was able to make this cute little donut necklace from a round piece of craft wood using 2 different sized drill bits.
    Click here for more information on how to make a donut necklace.
  • Tool #6: Small Sander 12 of 13
    Tool #6: Small Sander
    A small sander is so cute and can do some great distressing! I use my Black and Decker mouse sander to distress canvas paintings.
    Click here to see a tutorial on making a distressed vintage sign using canvas.
  • Tool #7: Glue Gun 13 of 13
    Tool #7: Glue Gun
    Chances are you already have a glue gun! I didn't grow up with one pointed at my head, but I would have loved it even still.
    Check out these no-sew fabric flower headbands I've made using my glue gun and some pipe cleaners.




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