Back to School, Back to Saving! 8 Fun DIY Piggy Banks

8 DIY piggy bank ideas

Your kids may be getting ready to go back to school this fall, but there are some things they won’t learn in the classroom — like how to save money. It’s never too early to get your kids thinking responsibly about good money management. One of the easiest (and craftiest!) ways I’ve found is with an adorable piggy bank. And what better way to show them how to start saving their pennies than by making a bank instead of buying one?! A great example is this paper piggy bank that they can color, fold, and then start saving right away.

But the fun isn’t only in stocking up on quarters and dimes — DIY piggy banks are just as fun to make, and the perfect way to wind down on a late summer afternoon. Click through the jump to get more crafty piggy bank ideas!

  • Piggy in pink 1 of 7
    Teach your kids how to save money and the earth by transforming an old softener bottle into this adorable piggy bank! Just add embellishments for the ears and eyes, cut a slit in the back, and your kids will be saving in no time! Plus, the built-in handle makes it easy to tote your riches around.
    Find the PDF at Dawanda (in German)
  • From rags to riches 2 of 7
    Use leftover fabric scraps — or your little one's favorite dress she grew out of — to sew this charming piggy bank pouch. Never has saving money been so cute!
    Get the downloadable template at Nosey Nest
  • Making paper 3 of 7
    Who knew a balloon, egg carton, and tissue paper were all you needed to create the world's fattest, cutest piggy bank?! Your kids will love gluing on their favorite colored tissue paper — and you'll love that they finally have a place to save their pennies.
    Learn how it was made at The Little Red House
  • Picture-perfect savings 4 of 7
    Decorate a shadowbox frame with a fun saying, cut a slit in the back, and voila: your own picture-perfect savings bank.
    Get the tutorial at Maryjanes and Galoshes
  • Travel change 5 of 7
    Perfect for the young wanderer. What better way to create a travel fund for your kids than by storing their savings in the belly of a globe?!
    See how it was made at RadMegan
  • “Grown-up” piggy bank 6 of 7
    Use paint and pretty fabric to turn a regular ol' mason jar into a bank your kids can help decorate!
    Find the step-by-step at Swenson Love
  • Save the planet … and your change 7 of 7
    This eco-friendly piggy bank made from a recycled bottle not only teaches your kids about saving their money, but also shows them any little thing can help save the planet.
    Learn how it was done at Martha Stewart


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