8 Great Ways to Organize Store Loyalty Cards

Over the last few years, my loyalty card stack has really grown. I have library cards, membership cards, and discount cards. There are grocery cards, movie club cards, and rewards cards. Not to mention credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards!

So, how does all that fit into my wallet?

It doesn’t.

I’ve tried smart phone apps to eliminate loyalty cards, but I found that many places couldn’t scan the barcode on the phone or weren’t willing to accept it without the physical card. I ended up carrying all the cards around in my purse still, just in case, or losing out on discounts when my app didn’t work.

I do love that my favorite grocery store allows me to use an alternate ID. Several stores will actually link to the card to your phone number so you can access benefits from memory. Those are the cards I don’t need to carry any more, but I’m still a little old school with the rest of them.

Here are 8 simple ways to keep your loyalty cards organized and ready for use:

  • Key Ring 1 of 8
    Quite a few of my cards came with a key ring version. I keep the most frequently used, like my library card, with my keys but love the idea of a separate key ring just for cards. Hole punch anything that isn't key ring ready, and alphabetize for easy access.
    Photo and tutorial via Cooking at Cafe D
  • Card Wallet 2 of 8
    Have you ever tried finding a wallet big enough to hold all your cards? It's kind of impossible. This DIY version holds several cards on each side and is simple to make with fabric scraps.
    Photo and tutorial via Nancy's Couture
  • Card Tin 3 of 8
    Loyalty cards are the perfect fit for a recycled Altoids tin. (That's why it also makes a great package for gift cards!)
    Photo and tutorial via Delightfully Noted
  • Trim It Down 4 of 8
    If carrying around a full size loyalty card is too much, trim it to just the barcode. Most will scale down to about 1/3 the size of a credit card to allow more room for storage.
    Photo and tutorial via Life Hacker
  • Card File 5 of 8
    This DIY card file is soft enough to carry in a purse or you can keep it in your car until you need one of the cards. It is organized alphabetically so you can quickly put your hands on the card you need.
    Photo and tutorial via Grosgrain Fabulous
  • All-In-One 6 of 8
    This is so smart! Scan in your cards, then create a single sheet with the barcodes you need. It can be trimmed to fit your wallet and laminated for longevity. You can even group different types of cards on one sheet.
    Photo and tutorial via Instructables
  • Card Wheel 7 of 8
    This is a loyalty card wheel by OrganizHer. It's available for purchase at Target, but I'm thinking I could make something myself that holds even more cards.
    Buy It from OrganizHer
  • Card Sheets 8 of 8
    Baseball and business card pages are a good fit for loyalty cards. I'm not sure I'd want to carry a folder around, but I can absolutely put some pages of cards in my Coupon Clutch binder.
    Photo and tutorial via Small Notebook

How do you store your cards?

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