8 Ideas for Hosting a Pipe Cleaner Party!

I have to say that pipe cleaners are my favorite craft supply! Sometimes called “fuzzy sticks” or “chenille stems”, the pipe cleaner is so versatile. With all the fun ideas for projects using pipe cleaners out there, you might as well host a party simply for the fun of it. The kids will love it! Or even the adults. I find that I myself get lost in the bending and creating with this fun medium!

Here are 8 ways you can host a Pipe Cleaner Party:

  • Sparkly Cake Toppers 1 of 8
    Sparkly Cake Toppers
    Dress up your cake with a few fun sparkly pipe cleaners. This cake topper couldn't be simpler.
    Get the instructions over at Say Yes to Hoboken.
  • Pipe Cleaner Party Cups 2 of 8
    Pipe Cleaner Party Cups
    Keep all the kids cups marked with their own special letter or shape. This could even be one of the activities they do as the guests arrive.
    Get the instructions over at Fellow Fellow.
  • Heart Shaped Goggles 3 of 8
    Heart Shaped Goggles
    What is a party without a set of heart goggles? Your guests will LOVE to make these.
    Get the instructions over at Make and Takes.
  • Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands 4 of 8
    Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands
    Craft your pipe cleaner wands and then have a little fun blowing bubbles with the shapes you make.
    Get the instructions over at Baby Parenting.
  • Beaded Pipe Cleaner Stars 5 of 8
    Beaded Pipe Cleaner Stars
    Thread straws and beads onto pipe cleaners for a fun party activity. Bend your creations into twinkling stars.
    Get the instructions over at Parents.
  • Heart Shaped Rings 6 of 8
    Heart Shaped Rings
    For a little take home gift, have your guests make and wear these heart-tastic pipe cleaner rings.
    Get the instructions over at Make and Takes.
  • Pipe Cleaner Gift Wrapping 7 of 8
    Pipe Cleaner Gift Wrapping
    Twist up a few pipe cleaners together to create one of a kind gift wrapping. It will make your gifts complete.
    Get the instructions over at Oh Happy Day.
  • Jingle Bell Music Craft 8 of 8
    Jingle Bell Music Craft
    For a little music time, make these jingle bells. Twist them up and jingle all the way.
    Get the instructions over at Make and Takes.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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