8 of My Favorite Things for Fitness and Exercise

When I find something I REALLY like I’ve been known to buy one in every color. These products are no exception. They are my staples for fitness, exercise and just everyday running around! Hope you like them! Some are inexpensive and others are a little pricey….but it all evens out into clothing and items I use beyond their value.

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  • Lululemon Jackets 1 of 8
    Lululemon Jackets
    The Stride Jacket from Lululemon! I love all things Lululemon......with the thumb holes, to the extra long lengths it's worth the money.
    See the Stride Jacket over at Lululemon.
  • Champion Shorts 2 of 8
    Champion Shorts
    My favorite running shorts....I love that they are inexpensive and they fit so well.
    You can find the Champion Shorts at Target in various colors!
  • Angled Waistpack 3 of 8
    Angled Waistpack
    I love the water waistpacks with the bottle at an angle. The angle makes it easy to grab the water out and it frees up my hands. When I got hiking I can store my keys in it too!
    There are a few options at Road Runner Sports!
  • Lululemon Pants 4 of 8
    Lululemon Pants
    The Groove Pant from Lululemon.....because it comes in TALL sizes! Great quality and reversible. You'll wear this pant every day whether you are exercising or not!
    See the Groove Pant over at Lululemon.
  • Cami Sports Bra 5 of 8
    Cami Sports Bra
    The Seamless Cami Sports Bra by Champion at Target. It comes in a ton of colors!
    Visit Target online here but they are also available in store!
  • Filtered Water Bottle 6 of 8
    Filtered Water Bottle
    The Brita Water Filter Bottle. I can fill up my water bottle almost anywhere and ensure I'm drinking filtered water. BPA-free too!
    See product info on the Brita Filter Bottle here.
  • Smartphone Apps 7 of 8
    Smartphone Apps
    Exercise apps for your smartphone. You always have your phone with it's an easy way to keep track and motivate yourself. You can even compete with your friends!
    Click to see 10 Great Exercise and Fitness apps for your Smartphone!
  • iPod Shuffle 8 of 8
    iPod Shuffle
    As much as I love my iPhone....sometimes it's too heavy to carry on a long run.....the iPod Shuffle is so small, inexpensive and holds a ton of music.
    Click here for product information on the iPod Shuffle.



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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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