Holiday Clearance: 8 Things You Should Buy Right Now

Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to turn our eye to my favorite part of the holidays — Christmas clearance! The entire holiday section is now half price, and the deals will only get better as the week goes on.

We’re on the hunt for a few items to add to our holiday totes for next season. As our family grows, we’ll definitely be needing a few new things. For the holidays, that includes a larger tree, another stocking, and a new stocking holder set since our current SANTA letters only hold 5

I just love shopping Christmas clearance — it’s especially fun to surprise myself with things I’ve forgotten about when December rolls around again. I even have gifts already hidden for next year, but it isn’t just festive purchases!

You’ll find non-Christmas items all over the seasonal section, plus You’ll find non-Christmas items all over the seasonal section, but post-holiday markdowns throughout the store. Here are 8 things you’ll want to buy right now at great prices:


  • Wrapping Supplies 1 of 8
    Wrapping Supplies
    Now is when I'll stockup on my gift wrap and ribbons for next year. It's also a great time to buy tape for use year-round. I bought several pop-up tape dispensers on clearance a few years ago, and I've picked up cheap refills after the holidays every year since!
  • Stocking Stuffers 2 of 8
    Stocking Stuffers
    All the cute holiday trinkets are now half price! I will actually wait awhile longer and grab deep discounts on a few items for next year's stockings. It's also good to think ahead with small non-Christmasy items to use as party favors throughout the year.
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  • Holiday Decor 3 of 8
    Holiday Decor
    Of course, you'll find a ton of deals on holiday decorations! We are planning to buy new stockings and may even consider a taller tree. Ours is 15 years old, and we're starting to outgrow it a bit.
    Photo Credit: Spencer Sokol
  • Linens 4 of 8
    Watch for dressy linens in holiday packaging that you can use all year. I have found cream, gold, and silver items that work well for everyday use.
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  • Gift Boxed Items 5 of 8
    Gift Boxed Items
    Check the holiday aisles for prewrapped items or gift box sets. This is where you'll find cosmetic sets, car chargers, and fun games designed as holiday gifts that work for your own use.
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  • Toys 6 of 8
    Stores keep a huge overstock of toys around the holidays to be sure shoppers find what they need. Now, they need to clear some room for other departments and new toys. The sales will start over the next week and discounts will get deeper through January. Buy ahead for birthday gifts to keep on hand for all those parties the kids attend.
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  • Electronic 7 of 8
    Likewise, popular holiday gifts in the electronic department will start getting marked down. This includes cameras, DVD players, televisions, and DVDs.
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  • Winter Clothing 8 of 8
    Winter Clothing
    January is just around the corner and in retailland, that means swimsuit season! To make room for the spring and summer clothing, winter clothes, boots, and coats will get drastic discounts this week!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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