8 Ways to Save on Your Next Haircut

Haircuts are one of my least favorite budget items. None of us are very adventurous when it comes to hairstyles so it seems we’re constantly running out to spend a bunch of money to keep our hair looking exactly the same.

We either keep the same style for years or grow it out until it’s long enough for hair donation. We’ve all donated hair to Locks of Love at least once. The teen chopped hers off again just last year — and, she looks so much more grown up!

Since it’s not on my list of favorite things to do, I’m just not willing to pay much for it. I’d much rather save my salon money for a pedicure!

Here are my favorite ways to save money on a haircut:

  • Locks of Love 1 of 8
    Locks of Love
    If you are looking to make a major change, consider hair donation. Have at least 10 inches cut and donate it to help make wigs for cancer patients. Salons across the country offer free haircuts for donations. Look for the Locks of Love decal in the salon window.
    Photo and more info at Inexpensively
  • Beauty School 2 of 8
    Beauty School
    Students in cosmetology programs need live head models to continue their training. The students are highly supervised and eager to please. Check with schools in your area for free services.
    Find a cosmetology school in your area
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Buzz Cut 3 of 8
    Buzz Cut
    A buzz cut is a simple boys' haircut that can be done at home with little training. Numbered blades help you get the same cut, every time.
    Photo and tutorial via Frugal Fun 4 Boys
  • Salon Daily Deals 4 of 8
    Salon Daily Deals
    You'll find salon deals all over the daily deal sites — with an introductory offer designed to get you in the door, the bargains can seriously reduce the cost of your next cut, color or style.
  • DIY Haircuts 5 of 8
    DIY Haircuts
    Even if you want something a little more advanced than a buzz, you may be able to manage it at home with the right tools, a patient child, and some simple instructions. The hubby is constantly trying to convince me to cut his hair. Maybe it's time to give this one a try!
    Photo and tutorials for boys' and girls' haircuts via Shwin and Shwin
  • Quick Cut Salons 6 of 8
    Quick Cut Salons
    Ranging in price from $6-$20, your corner salon can be a great way to maintain your style on a budget. We've always been very pleased with our cheap haircuts.
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  • Bartering Services 7 of 8
    Bartering Services
    I have several friends on Facebook who were stylists in a former life. Many of them swap their talents for massages, housekeeping, and other services. If you've got a friend who can do the job, find out what you can offer her for a free haircut.
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  • Cut Back 8 of 8
    Cut Back
    Many people get their hair cut and colored every 4 weeks, like clockwork. Stretch it out to 5 weeks instead, and you'll eliminate 2 salon visits per year!
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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