9 Interesting Places to Plant a Succulent Garden

As some of the easiest plants to grow, a succulent garden seems to be perfect for planting almost anywhere too! These plants are thick and fleshy, and can grow in almost any climate, especially more dry areas. So they are perfect for planting in very odd places and they will thrive.

I’ve found these 9 places to grow succulent plants. You have a pair of heels lying around that could become a planter, right?!

  • Egg Shell Garden 1 of 9
    Egg Shell Garden
    How elegant do these egg shell gardens look? So delicate and beautifully displayed.
    Get the instructions over at Roy Joy.
  • Muffin Tin Garden 2 of 9
    Muffin Tin Garden
    I love the idea of a muffin tin and placing this in the kitchen to display.
    Get the instructions over at Thirsty World Designs.
  • Sea Shell Gardens 3 of 9
    Sea Shell Gardens
    How fun. Time to start collecting large sea shells at the beach.
    Get the instructions over at Rad Megan.
  • Tea Cup Garden 4 of 9
    Tea Cup Garden
    Time for tea? Or just a great way to display your succulent garden.
    Get the instructions over at Gardening on Cloud 9.
  • Decorative Pillow Garden 5 of 9
    Decorative Pillow Garden
    These are fun for an outdoor patio, although be careful not to squish the plants!
    Get the instructions over at Christian Science Monitor.
  • Work of Art Garden 6 of 9
    Work of Art Garden
    Plant your succulent garden in a picture frame, making for a beautiful display.
    Get the instructions over at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Vertical Succulent Garden 7 of 9
    Vertical Succulent Garden
    Plant your garden in a wooden flat to display as a work of art.
    Get the instructions over at Design Sponge.
  • Succulent Garden Wreath 8 of 9
    Succulent Garden Wreath
    What a beautiful wreath to display right on your front door, welcoming in your guests.
    Get the instructions over at Prudent Baby.
  • High Heel Garden 9 of 9
    High Heel Garden
    Yes, I want to plant in a pair of heels. These would be fun whimsy in an outdoor garden.
    Get the instructions over at Shelterness.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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