9 Ways To Look Like You Have Money Even If You’re Completely Broke

If you’re feeling broke, trust me, you’re not alone! Here are 9 ways to still look amazing even if you have just about no money to your name.

  • 9 Ways to Look Like You Have Money Even if Youre Completely Broke 1 of 10
    Even if you know you're broke no one wants to look the part. Here are 9 ways to look like you've got it all together even if your bank account says otherwise.
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  • 1. Do Your Hair and Makeup 2 of 10
    With just a few basic supplies you can do your hair and makeup. Throw on some lipstick and mascara and you're done! Don't think that you have to go get a $50 blow-out or all the newest makeup to look legit. Get yourself a bright colored lipstick and you're good to go.
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  • 2. Exercise 3 of 10
    If your bod is rockin' you will be able to pull anything off. Wear a papersack and hit the town because you'll be looking great. And feeling great too!
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  • 3. Splurge Here and There 4 of 10
    Don't have money to spend on designer duds? (And really, who does?) Then get a luxe looking, attention-seeking piece on sale (preferably a jacket or skirt), and mix it with your thrift store loot.
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  • 4. Textures 5 of 10
    Mixing textures is a sure-fire way to create a look that seems more expensive than it is. Seek out textures that are on those higher priced items, and replicate how they are mixed together by taking inspiration from shops like Anthropologie (they're masters at texture mixing). Mix rough and shiny, and various sheens.
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  • 5. Take Care of What You Own 6 of 10
    Taking good care of your items won't just make the pieces last longer, and it won't just help them look better when you wear them it pay-off when it's time to part ways with your items. If you decide you want sell your items to a consignment shop (or buy-sell-trade shop) in exchange for something new to you.
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  • 6. Faux Fur 7 of 10
    Fur is one of those things that we don't see often and for good reason- it's usually expensive (and there are all those moral implications too). I found a faux fur cowl next scarf on sale for $19 and it dresses up every single outfit. It makes me feel fancy and like I've got some money in the bank even if I wore sweats all day, and ate stale cereal.
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  • 7. Have Good Posture 8 of 10
    This is where confidence comes in. Even if you're wearing a smelly t-shirt because you haven't done your laundry for 3 weeks, work what your mama gave you and stand tall. If you act like you're a big deal (or at least stand like you're one) then not a single soul will question you.
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  • 8. Scarves 9 of 10
    Scarves are miracle makers because they can make the most plain outfit seem just a little bit more special.
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  • 9. Heels 10 of 10
    Find yourself a pair of gorgeous, neutral colored heels (black or tan) that aren't too expensive and throw them on with a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and a blazer. Instant rich girl.
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What do you think? How do you make yourself look more well-off then you are?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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